Strategic Alliance or Dalliance?

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“Let’s do something together.” I hear it all the time.  It’s all the rage, this obsession with networking, social media, and a business offshoot, strategic alliances.   When it works, it’s great – more people talking about your company and buying your products.  What we’ve discovered, however, is that it’s not a race to see who … Read More

Strategic Alliances Can Help Grow Your Business

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Ever feel like your big box competition is an immoveable mountain? Well, it doesn’t need to be that way. One way that small business can compete with larger rivals is by forming strategic alliances.  Strategic alliances can fill gaps in your value proposition when you’re compared to huge competitors … yet allow you to retain … Read More

I should have been more specific …

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Earlier this year, I made a promise to you. More of a confession, a public pledge. I was going to work my risk muscles. Going to get out of my comfort zone. So I went mechanical bull riding. Tried meditative dance. Spoke at a major women’s business conference. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly jumping at … Read More

Have you earned the Brass Ring?

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“I can’t reach it!” cried little Billy. He hung his head, embarrassed. His father, Jim, was standing outside the carousel, watching it circle. Billy was frozen stuck to his white horse. His knuckles white from gripping the pole so tightly. “C’mon, Billy—reach for it!” called Jim. Billy was feeling dizzy. “You can do it!” Jim … Read More

Don't end up in the County Clerk's basement

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Imagine: You’re standing at a computer terminal in the basement of the County Clerk’s Office. Wondering if you’ve fallen into your own version of a Direct TV ad. Your hands are shaking a little as you listen to the unusually loud clack-clack-clack of the outdated keyboard as you type in the name of a strategic … Read More

DIY and Fail

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If you ever watched cheesy Saturday afternoon B movies featuring the Hydra—the many-headed mythological sea serpent—you’ve seen an image of an entrepreneur. (And definitely me on a bad day!)   Everyone knows you have to wear a lot of hats when you start your own business.  Even with a partner or two, there are more … Read More

What can you learn from Bill the Bull?

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Bill the Bull stares at me with brown glassy eyes. He sits forlornly in the middle of a large, padded basement pen in a dark midtown NYC restaurant. The damp hint of stale beer gently lingers in the air. His sad face beckons “Play with me! Play with me!” The nearly-empty room ignores him. (It … Read More

On being spontaneous … with Polar Bears

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“It’s 46 degrees!” Joe squeals, on hearing the weather report. (To the extent that a grown man and former champion power lifter would actually squeal). “Let’s go to the beach!” “Why?” I ask, maybe a little condescendingly. “The Polar Bears are there!” he replies. Sigh. The beach? Okay, so it’s a little warm for early … Read More

Where’s ‘some happy’ in your business?

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The article screams “ICU Nurse Finds Joy (and Money) Launching Skin Care Line!” Alright, maybe it doesn’t scream, but it is 4am and I can’t sleep. My mind revs like a car in neutral. I go into the bathroom, where I keep my stash of light reading (“light” as in not hard news, law, or … Read More

How Being a Dirty Girl Helps My Business

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I’m full-out body length in squishy, watery mud, groveling on my elbows and knees to squirm through a tunnel. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was Tim Robbins’s workout for the prison break scene in The Shawshank Redemption, minus the stench. At first, I’m tempted to squeal and jump out, but it’s warm … Read More

What I learned from a lobster

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“We’re like lobsters,” said Nancy. “If we don’t grow, we die.” Nancy and I are at a speaking workshop in Orlando, led by world-renowned speaker Les Brown. We’ve been through 8 straight hours of drills, one-on-one coaching, and partner feedback in a cramped conference room. I’m worn out. It’s taking all of my energy just … Read More