Can the “Sharing Economy” Help You Scale?

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Listen to the Episode Below: Tired of finding workers who pick up and leave after a year? Worried about hiring in unstable economic conditions? What if your workforce could expand flexibly so your business can scale when ready? In this episode, we talk to Steve Pruneau, founder of Free Agent Source, a management consulting company made … Read More

Building a Sellable Business: Part 4 of 5

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Is it possible to use leverage to sell your business? It certainly is—if you know what you’re doing. Leverage is all about getting good, strong positive results that aren’t dependent completely on you, as the business owner. Recently, I sat down with Matt Inglot of Freelance Transformation for an interview on his podcast to discuss … Read More

Growing a Group Practice

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Listen to the Episode Below:  Sure you have the training and expertise to provide your products and services. But can your business run without you? And how well did your background equip you to scale the new growth you’d like to see in your business? In this episode, private practice consultant Joseph Sanok and I … Read More

How Turnover Gets in the Way of Scaling

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Listen to the Episode Below:  So you’ve finally decided you can’t do everything yourself. It’s time to grow. You put time and effort into recruiting the right people. Then –WHAM!–they up and leave. And you’re back to Square 1. So how on Earth is your business supposed to scale? In this episode, human resources expert … Read More

An Insider’s Guide to Operations Manuals

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Listen to the Episode Below: Many entrepreneurs go into business for themselves looking for freedom. But it’s the systems and procedures in your business that give you that freedom. Do you know how to create consistent results? More importantly, how can you document your operations to share your knowledge of how to get things done? Tune … Read More