Step Back to Let Your Team Step Up and Scale

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Archimedes shouted “Eureka!” in a bathtub. Einstein had sudden insights into the theory of relativity while riding a streetcar. Newton “discovered” gravity during a countryside retreat (Cambridge University was closed because of the Black Death plague). I had my own eureka! moment years ago when I first started my business. I hated my job at … Read More

The Many Models to Create a Kick-Ass Team

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Meagan and I were sitting in a fresh sleek café that opened near the Museum of Modern Art. Over a Sauvignon Blanc (mine) and an appletini (hers), Meagan gleefully shared she was officially “in transition.” She had resigned her job and was preparing to start her own business … when her non-compete ran out. To … Read More

Ask for Help to Scale Your Business

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I was driving north on Route 85 out of Atlanta, heading to the Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems (NAMS) conference last week. In the grey drizzle. During rush hour. Lured into complacency by the GPS, with its occasional squawks of: “One hundred meters, stay left.” Suddenly, a “fatal error” occurred. No, not with the car—with … Read More

Are your interns small business kryptonite?

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“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” said my colleague, Joe Harris, Esq. of White Harris PLLC. “That’s what small businesses need to understand about interns.” Joe reaches for the check (“Ironic,” I think, “… seems I am getting a free lunch!”) as we chat about the trends and challenges we’re seeing for small … Read More

DIY and Fail

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If you ever watched cheesy Saturday afternoon B movies featuring the Hydra—the many-headed mythological sea serpent—you’ve seen an image of an entrepreneur. (And definitely me on a bad day!)   Everyone knows you have to wear a lot of hats when you start your own business.  Even with a partner or two, there are more … Read More

Create an Environment for High Performance

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The word “motivate” means “to stimulate towards action.”  I emphasize towards because too often, we hear of stories where it’s only the threat of the lash (and termination) that keeps employees in their seats … for fear of losing their income. But that’s not motivation—as in moving forward.  That approach doesn’t bring your team happily … Read More

Independent Contractors are Raising Red Flags

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It’s no secret that governments (Federal, state and local) are strapped for cash. One of the ways they’re seeking to fill the coffers is by cracking down more heavily on small businesses regarding their use of independent contractors (ICs). Why? ICs are handy way for small businesses to expand and contract their workforce as needed.  … Read More