Stop Scrambling for Sales!

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Listen to the Episode Below: For creative business owners, “sales” can feel like a four-letter word. Your skin may crawl as soon as you hear it. But sales are the lifeblood of any business. No matter who you are or what your service is, we are all in the business of sales and marketing. You … Read More

Tame the chaos by documenting your systems

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Look up the word “chaos” in the dictionary, and you’ll probably see a picture of a small business owner. Fighting fires, filling in for absent employees, running around to prospect meetings—it’s anything but smooth sailing. Yet, chaos often comes from not having systems for getting things done. When you don’t document your processes, how your … Read More

Incorporating Values into Values, Inc.

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Listen to the Episode Below:  It’s been said that “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Where does your business take a stand? And why does it matter to business growth?   In this episode, Dina Dwyer-Owens, Co-Chair of the franchise powerhouse The Dwyer Group and author of Values, Inc., tells us … Read More

Does Your Business Have a Safety Net?

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Listen to the Episode Below:  What I love about entrepreneurs is that they feel invincible. Heart attacks? Stroke? Car accident? That’ll happen to someone else. Until that “someone else” is you. Is your business prepared? In this episode, Erin Ardleigh, founder and president of Dynama Insurance, shares her insights on the insurance gaps that can … Read More

The Financial Systems That Help You Scale

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Listen to the Episode Below:  Your business numbers can seem like a foreign language. Sure, they’re speaking to you—all the time!—but do you understand what they’re saying? How can you learn to communicate with this essential part of your business? In this episode, CFO and financial educator Jonathan Ankney shares simple steps to create the … Read More

Get Your Business Out of Your Head

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Listen to the Episode Below:  How much of your business is in your head? If you’re not in the picture (even for extended vacation), can your employees–or a new owner–easily pick up where you leave off?  In this episode, Terena Bell talks about the systems she developed to successfully sell her translation business, and you, too, … Read More