Choosing Growth with Financial Results, with Brian Califano

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As entrepreneurs, we often only want to talk about our top line. Your big money is the sexiest part of running your own business, but how can you guarantee bragging rights (and scale) if you don’t understand where the money is coming from? Having a financial brain on the team helps you organize and understand your bottom line. That way, you can better implement the kind of plans that insure financial growth.  BB042_Brian Califano photo

My guest, Brian Califano of AcceleratingCFO, joins me on this episode to offer some of his unique insights into the numbers game. Plus, helpful tips and anecdotes so you can keep an eye on your expenses and expand that profit margin. If you don’t have a financial consultant on your team yet, listen now and find out exactly what hiring one can mean for your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why having more customers does not equal more money in your pocket
  • The questions you should ask when looking to grow your business
  • How to do the financial analysis to scale profitably
  • Changes you need to make in financial strategy if you want to cash out of your business  

Brian Califano is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of AcceleratingCFO, a New York contract CFO consulting firm that allows business owners to benefit from over 40 years of senior Fortune 500 experience. Before AcceleratingCFO, Brian provided senior finance leadership at organizations that include the McGraw-Hill Companies, Viacom, SFX, Kaplan, and the NHL.

Favorite Quote:

“Faith and fear make poor bed fellows.  Where one is found, the other cannot exist.” ~ Napoleon Hill

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