Clone Your Business with a Curriculum, with Phil Clements

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As the head of a consulting firm, Phil Clements was painfully aware of the time-for dollars business model that weighs heavily on service businesses. And he saw the problems that arose when advisors didn’t have the breadth of experience and education they needed to see the whole of their clients’ picture. But what other options are there, really, for consulting?

Rather than curse the darkness, Phil lit a candle and created a curriculum and certification program that focuses specifically on building up small enterprises. In this interview, Phil explores how he codified and scaled his firm’s knowledge base–both creating a new income stream for his firm, and providing a needed service to small business advisors.  

Episode Highlights:

  • The benefits of creating a certification program instead of just hiring staff
  • How to identify the marketplace need
  • The step-by-step process Phil went through to put the curriculum together
  • How do you ensure quality control … yet let go of the need to micromanage?

NOTE: While this episode was in post-production, Phil Clements died, tragically, when the plane he was piloting crashed near Somerset Airport in New Jersey. Phil had a deep calling for service and mentorship, and will be sorely missed.

Phil Clements was CEO and Managing Director at Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC, a management consulting firm with offices in NY, NJ, WI, and Amsterdam. Cathedral helps small and mid-sized private companies (and non-profits) to grow through best business practices. Phil himself had many years of experience dealing with corporate valuation and finance issues at Coopers & Lybrand, Standard & Poor’s, and PricewaterhouseCoopers—where he led their global practice. With his many degrees and qualifications, Phil was able to bring a holistic eye toward business growth: he held accounting AND law degrees, a Masters in Tax Law, a Certified Financial Planner designation, and a Master’s in Theological Studies.

Favorite Quote:

  • Lead to strength, cover weakness ~ Phil Clements (Cathedral Consulting principle)


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