Strategic Business Consulting

Going it alone doesn’t work. (But you know that, don’t you.)

It doesn’t work for any business. A business is collaborative. In fact, “going it alone” probably doesn’t work for life, either.

It’s likely that going it alone got you to where you are now, which may be …

  • Tired of being tired of running your business
  • Fed up working way too hard for way too little money and not supporting the life you want
  • Your spouse is threatening divorce because you’re always looking at your smartphone
  • Pulled in all directions caring for aging parents, rebellious children, demanding employees … and getting no time off
  • Reached a plateau where your business can’t grow anymore unless you invent the 28-hour day
“The thinking that brought you where you are, has created problems that your current thinking can’t solve.” Albert Einstein

As business owners, we’re often blind to the constraints. If you’ve ever tried and failed, it’s really difficult to see your new path objectively. Einstein also said…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” So if you want new results in your business, you have to get new eyes. Trained eyes.”Albert Einstein

If you’ve decided that enough is enough, then you’re ready for our “50% More Profits” Program.

“What makes a service business scale?” It starts by knowing what rings the register.

50% More Profits is a process to simplify, focus, and leverage. It’s a done-with-you 90-day deep dive into your service lines, your pricing strategy, and your client base.

Through that process, you see clear as day, what’s working, what’s not, and what’s salvageable. This helps you simplify, focus, and leverage so you can make more money, more consistently, without working any harder. In essence, to “scale” your company so that you have the systems and the tools to generate strong, reliable results. Without having your business so dependent on you to reach them.

Perfect for:
Owners of expertise-driven service businesses (like marketing, consulting, creative, and professional firms) that are generating at least $750K/year. Has been “in the trenches” with the business for at least 7 years. Works with a bookkeeper, but (let’s be honest) doesn’t always review the financial data. A leader with a CEO mindset who wants a successful business and an enjoyable life, and is ready to make the commitment to creating both.

The Program includes:

  • Weekly phone/Skype sessions (up to 60 minutes each) for 90 days, and email support so that you can keep momentum and accountability.
  • Assessment documents, reviews and checklists.
  • Recorded calls so you have access to listen, absorb, and review.

During each call:
We’ll use proprietary tools to analyze the profitability of your company’s service lines, pricing strategies, and client base. This will help you understand what’s truly driving your business forward and what’s holding it back. Armed with that information, you’ll be better able to choose how and when to scale in a way that supports your vision. We’ll also discuss your specific business goals and identify any obstacles that might prevent you from achieving them. By the end of each call, you will have specific, written action steps to accomplish before the next session. We’ll use those action steps as another accountability tool to make sure your objectives are met along the way.

This 3-month package is $5,000 per month.

Ongoing and customized support is also available.

Get Ready To Scale Your Profit Potential!

The 50% More Profits Program Application
Thanks so much for your interest in our 50% More Profits program. To make sure it’s a fit for both of us, please take a few moments to answer the questions below. We promise to keep your sensitive information confidential.