From Crowdfunding To Scaling By Certification, With Patty Lennon

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BB016 Patty Lennon photoWhen so many people clamor for your expertise, you learn quickly that scaling is the key to sanity … and success. Patty Lennon found this out first-hand when she used crowdfunding to launch a new venture … and did it so successfully, that everyone wanted to know her secret. But answering that need quickly became its own full-time job.

In this interview, Patty Lennon explores the vision and systems that made her initial crowdfunding campaign successful, and how she’s scaling further by creating a crowdfunding certification program.

Episode Highlights

  • The big picture focus that makes a crowdfunding campaign successful
  • How having pre-launch systems in place helped you streamline the crowdfunding process
  • The ensuing chaos of becoming an “instant expert” and how that affected Patty’s business
  • The inspiration for creating a certification program so she could scale
  • What goes into the process of creating a certification program so that anyone (who’s certified) can deliver it

Patty Lennon plunged headfirst into the Wild West World of crowdfunding in 2012 when she decided to go outside the sponsor world to raise $45,000 for her Mom Gets A Business Conference through crowdfunding. A former VP at a global bank and business coach, she quickly unlocked the formula to successful crowdfunding and is passionate about sharing this valuable business growth and marketing strategy with entrepreneurs everywhere! Learn more at

Favorite Quote

  • “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

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