Stop being the sole “umpire” in your business, with Nance Schick, Esq.

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Ever have a day when you’re interrupted so often by employees complaining about each other that you can’t get any work done? And you start to wonder, “Who do they think I am … their mother (or father … or babysitter)?!? Why can’t they all just get along … and do it without my having to hover over them like a helicopter?”

In this interview, Chief Resolution Officer Nance Schick, Esq. addresses the different ways you can encourage employees to figure it out for themselves and resolve conflicts powerfully so that you’re not the one “playing umpire” all the time.

Episode Highlights

  • How to better engage employees so they understand why you want them to do what they do.
  • Ways to check in for conflicts before they become an unholy mess (especially if you have hired or delegated on the fly)
  • Why normal approaches (that is, blame and shame) don’t successfully resolve these issues
  • Do you take for granted that an employee is “in your head”?
  • Creating an environment where clarifying questions are welcomed
  • And how long does a clarifying conversation have to be, anyway?

Nance Schick, Esq. is a litigator and former minor league hockey agent with mediation training and human resources experience. Her Law Studio provides outsourced “Chief Resolution Officer” and “Litigation Project Management” services for many businesses–and the individuals within them. Nance is also creator of the Third Ear Conflict Resolution Program (TM) that uses mediation techniques to resolve any conflict. This program is the basis of the exercises and case studies in her first book, DIY Conflict Resolution: Seven Choices and Five Actions of a Master. She’s a winner of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Small Business of the Year Award and an Enterprising Women Magazine Woman of the Year Award Finalist.

Favorite Quote

  • “Oh, yeah! I didn’t come here to live a small life. #thingsiforget.” ~ Nance Schick, Esq.

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