What We Do

Business Exponential has a simple mission; to help you double the value of your service business so you can generate real wealth, real freedom, and a real legacy. Just like you dreamed when you first started.

5 Ways We Can Work Together

Do you want your business to generate wealth, freedom, and a legacy? We have opportunities for you.

Strategic Business Consulting

Going it alone doesn’t work. (But you know that, don’t you?) It doesn’t work for any business.

If you need and want new results in your business, you have to get new eyes. Trained eyes to help you on the journey.

If you’ve decided that enough is enough, then you’re ready for our “50% More Profits” Program. Perfect for the seasoned small business owner—and growth-minded leader with a CEO mindset–who wants a successful business and an enjoyable life, and is ready to make the commitment to creating both.

Nina is the ideal choice for any business owner who experiences the loss of vision at times or simply wants to take a great idea to the next level.
M. Elizabeth Coreno, Mechanicsville, NY

Business Strong

Are you ready to build your company that’s fully functioning? That can stop being so darn dependent on you? That has real potential to generate wealth (not just income)?

Then it’s time for you to get Business Strong.

If you’re the owner of a small business—that is, a business earning less than $10M a year–you’re at risk. You’re at risk because if anything takes you out of the equation—a health problem, a special-needs child, a parent who needs care—your business can grind to a halt. You’re at risk because so much of the company depends on you and your time, your brainpower, your unconscious competence—and without it, your company falls apart.

You’re at risk because–if you’re like 90% of all small business owners–your business probably doesn’t have the right foundation to give you options–either to squirrel away enough cash for the future, or to sell it down the line. And that means, you can’t cash out at the levels you want to live on for the rest of your life.

With all these risks, you’re vulnerable. And you deserve to be strong.

Business Strong.

Imagine taking a massive leap to your business growth. Imagine cutting away years of frustration, failed ideas and false starts. Imagine shoring up the foundation, so you’re operating on solid ground.

That’s what happens when your business can S.C.A.L.E., with our flagship Business Strong program.

Get more. More time. More income. More freedom. More protection. More value. Make it worth it.


Keynotes & Workshops

Most people think of attorneys as a “necessary evil” (emphasis on “evil”), fluent only in legalese. But nationally recognized professional speaker Nina Kaufman explodes these myths.

Funny and approachable, yet practical and hard-hitting, she is adept at using compelling stories to teach the business and legal lessons every entrepreneur needs to know. Audiences benefit from her tips and tools they can immediately put into place to boost their business.

Imagine taking massive leaps to business growth. Imagine cutting away years of frustration, failed ideas and false starts.

That’s what happens when they discover the secret to doubling the value of their service business. To getting on the right path to generating real wealth, real freedom, and a real legacy.

If you’re tired of the same ol’ rah-rah pap, and want your group to get real, meaningful value, make sure Nina Kaufman is on your stage.


Cash Out Big: 5 Steps to Double the Value of Your Business – Webinar

Every business owner wants to reap the rewards of a successful business… yet the path to prosperity is littered with those who are working way too hard, for too little money, NOT living the life of their dreams, and on the edge of giving up… just like everyone said they would.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Learn the proprietary S.C.A.L.E. Formula ALL of our clients follow for quick success in doubling the value of their business by watching this webinar.

Imagine taking a massive leap to your business growth. Imagine cutting away years of frustration, failed ideas and false starts. Imagine designing a company that generates real wealth, real freedom, and a real legacy!

That’s what happens when your business can S.C.A.L.E., our proprietary 5-step formula to doubling the value of your service business, and creating a company that can stand on its own.

Ready for a venture that runs itself … instead of running your life?

If so, watch our webinar, and discover how you can do what it takes to Cash Out BIG!


Cash Out BIG Podcast

Is it worth it? Has your journey as a business owner been worth all the time, talent, treasure, and sacrifice you’ve poured into your company? Isn’t it time to get back to the big vision you had when you first started? That’s where the Cash Out BIG podcast comes in.

Each weekly episode includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs and strategists who share the tools to build a service business that has real, sellable value down the line.

You can only scale your business to the extent you scale yourself. So shorten the learning curve. Break out of being the bottleneck. Discover the engine that lets your business function without you. Listen and find out what you can do to Cash Out BIG!

Nina has an amazing talent for drawing the best out of her guests. I’m busy, but the Cash Out BIG Podcast is very much worth my time to listen.Scott Smith
President, Motivation To Move LLC, Orlando, Florida

If you have something else in mind other that what we’ve outlined, please Contact Us. Our team would be happy to talk with you


Satisfied Clients

“Prior to working with Nina, I was wrestling with the fear that if I stepped back from the business — by taking a vacation without WiFi access or simply taking off for the weekend — it could not run without me.

I have a team and systems, yet there was something missing. As a female entrepreneur, I needed to ensure that my business served me, too, in the long-run – by providing financial security. However, I was still concerned about the viability of the business without my 24/7 presence, so I was convinced my business would never be ready for sale or scale.

Nina taught me how to map out my strategy for growth build a platform for profitability simple ways to create more effective systems. Her laser-sharp focus and deep knowledge on creating leverage and systems is unmatched in the industry. The individual attention that I received from a business leader and visionary like Nina was certainly the most direct path to my future success in scaling – or eventually selling – my business. I’m empowered with the knowledge to take the next steps.. My only regret? That I didn’t do this 4 years ago!”

“I see that this can and will save business owners YEARS of going down the wrong road.

Brava Nina!! Nina Kaufman just delivered amazing value-packed information that blew my socks off!!! I am certainly thinking differently and am implementing concepts that will make our business both more valuable and productive.

Thank you Nina!!!”

“Thank you, Nina, for a stimulating program that got me thinking in new ways! You not only made me face the truth about my current business but also showed me how I could improve its value.

I’ve got lots to ponder, but I sure know who I’ll go to for help! (Plus, awesome workbook!)”