50% More Profits Review

What Would It Be Like?

… to take back control of your business?

… to cut through the waste and keep more money in your pocket?

… to end the worry and the unknowns that keep you up at night?

Lots of business owners say they want to grow, so they scale up – but end up scaling garbage. More staff they don’t need. More expenses with no ROI. More losses from unprofitable clients.

The secret to smart growth starts here Knowing what rings the register.

It’s a particular challenge with knowledge-based service businesses. Like marketing, consulting, creative, and professional firms. They work on a project basis and don’t always account for the time value of their brainpower.

What if you could generate 50% more profits … and work less?

We know the pitfalls of being stuck on the hamster wheel after 5, 10, 15, or 20 years–with not enough to show for it.

We know the frustrations of always being on call to fight fires, while struggling to keep your head above water.

We know how lonely it is to shoulder the burden alone—with no one to share the load. (And do family, friends, and employees understand? Of course not).

That’s why we take our clients through a proprietary process we call 50% More Profits.

You can’t read the label from inside the jar. Unknown

Take Our 90-day Deep Dive...

into your service lines, pricing strategy, and client base. Through that process, you see clear as day:
  • What’s working
  • What’s not
  • What’s salvageable

Your numbers tell the story. Your service lines. Your pricing strategy. Your client base.

What’s driving your business forward? What’s holding it back?

When you know that, you can get off the “Doom Loop” of chasing unprofitable revenue.

This helps you simplify, focus, and leverage so you can make more money, more consistently.  From there, it’s a lot easier to design the systems and tools to generate strong, reliable results. Without having your business so dependent on you to reach them.

Who does this help most?

Our ideal clients are owners of knowledge or “thought”-based service businesses. Like marketing, consulting, creative, and professional firms that involve a lot of project work. They’re beyond the start-up phase – usually generating between $500K-$10M/year. And their owners have been “in the trenches” with the company for at least 7 years. (Long enough to have hit the speedbumps, but eager to stay on the game and reach for more). You work with a bookkeeper and an accountant, but (let’s be honest) you don’t regularly review the financial data. Still, you’re a leader with a CEO mindset who wants a successful business and an enjoyable life. And you’re ready to make the commitment to creating both.

50% More Profits Includes...

  • Weekly phone/Skype sessions (up to 60 minutes each) for 90 days
  • Email support so that you can keep momentum and accountability.
  • Assessment documents, reviews and checklists.
  • Recorded calls so you have access to listen, absorb, and review.

During each call we’ll use proprietary tools to analyze the profitability of your company’s service lines, pricing strategies, and client base. This will help you understand what drives your business forward and what’s holding it back. Armed with that information, you’ll be better able to choose how and when to scale in a way that supports your vision. We’ll also discuss your specific business goals and identify obstacles that might prevent you from achieving them. After each call, you get specific, written action steps to take before the next session. We’ll use those action steps as an accountability tool to make sure you meet your objectives along the way.

This 3-month package is $5,000 per month.

Ongoing and customized support is also available.

We don’t expect you to sign up sight unseen. In fact, this is an important relationship—one we hope will be ongoing— and we want to be sure it’s a fit for both of us.

So reach out to set up a call to explore the options.

The first call is on us. That way, you can get a sense of how we think and work, and we can get a sense of whether we can be truly helpful.

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