Are you ready to Smash the Plateau?

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Because growing a business isn’t just about making good money.

If you’ve felt at all stuck in your business, or are frustrated because you’re constantly at capacity and not sure how to break through, you probably understand what I mean.

That’s something I share on David Shriner-Cahn’s podcast, Smashing the Plateau. A weekly show via TEND Strategic Partners, all of David’s guest experts have one thing in common—fixing problems and tearing down roadblocks that keep businesses stuck on a plateau. (Glad to be included!)

In this episode, I dive into strategies for the most important elements in getting a business to scale. I also explore:

• Why growing a business isn’t just about making money (hint: it’s about making freedom)
• How business has changed for the new generation
• The most important thought leaders to follow
• What to do when your inner circle becomes naysayers
• How to know when to delegate– even when you don’t have a lot of capital

Want to stop feeling stuck in your business and to wean it off of needing you all the time? Tune in and discover how!

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