Are You Really Ready for Longer-term Clients?

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Are You Really Ready for Longer-Term Clients?

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As a veteran in the book publicity and marketing industry, Jane Wesman knows that some projects can’t be “built in a day” and need longer-term dedication. In this interview, we explore what you need to know about your team and your finances to be ready for this supposed “Holy Grail” of clientele.

Episode Highlights

  • Screening for longer-terms clients: What do they need … and what do you need to charge?
  • How regular client communication—especially around money—fosters better longer-term relationships
  • Why not crunching your numbers (or knowing your profit margins) can turn a dream retainer into a recurring nightmare
  • How small businesses can get “inspired” by looking at what companies in other industries (or bigger companies in the same industry) are doing successfully
  • Do you really want to grow your business … and grow it this way? What to ask yourself.

Jane Wesman is the President of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc. which provides publicity and marketing services to authors and book publishers.  A New York Business Journal honoree, she is also the author of Dive Right In — The Sharks Won’t Bite:  The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Success and served as President of the New York City chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners for nearly four years.  During that time, she oversaw the implementation of a one-on-one business mentoring program for women and participated in several dozen panel discussions and seminars devoted to issues that impact the success of women business owners.

Words of Wisdom

  • “Perfection is impossible. And mistakes are your best teacher. Learn to love them.” ~ Jane Wesman

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