Online business courses to end the overwhelm. Earn what you deserve.

Achieve the personal and financial freedom you always wanted. 

The Coronavirus gave you new problems.

It gave you new perspective, too. 

21 million solo business owners in the U.S. were trying to make a good living when the Pandemic Pause said how can I mess with your business THIS year?

Many provided B2B marketing, consulting, creative, and professional services. Brilliant life-long learners who went out on their own 5, 10, 20 years ago. Taught themselves what they know about running a business.

They are Professional Communicators.

But this isn’t the first time they hit a ceiling, felt strapped or trapped, or wanted more from their business.

It's a nasty recurring cycle. Because they haven’t figured out how to grow a business beyond themselves.

The Beyond Solo Academy offers a breakthrough for Professional Communicators. Our online courses teach you business systems and processes that let you end the overwhelm. Earn what you deserve. Give you tools to ...

> Get beyond the day-to-day grind 

> Say NO! to people, tasks, and opportunities that steal your time

> Target your efforts, money, and energy for effective results

> Take time off without worrying your business will suffer

> Achieve the business results you've always wanted 

Why Professional Communicators Get Stuck

You may be asking yourself,

With all of my mad skills and credentials, why am I not getting the business results I expected?

  In a word ... (click to read on)

.... bottleneck.

Bottleneck means you’re making all the decisions. Touching all points of your business.

Which limits your income, growth, and life.

If you’re a B2B professional, you probably learned your craft in school. You’re super-smart. Creative. A go-to person for solving problems.

But most business models for your kind of work are based on a 16th-century guild craftsman approach. You become an apprentice. You shadow an experienced professional who micromanages how you do the work. (It’s their reputation on the line, after all). Once you’ve reached mastery, you start your own firm and hire little apprentices.

(Even though you didn't get formal training on how to run a business.)

That’s how advertising agencies and accounting firms and BigLaw were born.

Achieving status by accumulating employees and office space and other trappings of success.

In essence, a 400-year-old business model is imprinted on your psyche like a ranch brand on cattle.

Completely unnecessary in the 21st century.

That's why it's a challenge for Professional Communicators to ...

  • Pay yourself consistently 
  • Focus beyond just putting out the next fire
  • Have time to think about adapting your business to new conditions
  • Find good help and delegate easily
  • Have the clients you love to serve chase you
  • Take time off without worrying your business will suffer 
  • Create a path to financial freedom 

Growing your business beyond yourself requires business systems and processes …

… which no one taught you.

So it’s not your fault.

I’ve seen that knowledge gap thousands of times over the past 20+ years as an attorney, strategist, and national media resource for small businesses. In the contracts, on the conference calls, at the sales table, and more. 

That's why super-talented business owners wonder, Why am I still working until 10pm every night? Why is my client suing me? Why do I have to tell my employee the same thing for the 1000th time? Why isn’t my business worth more after all this time? 


I know the frustrations all too well…

My Own Challenges Running a Firm

… because I went through that too. Law school taught me about being a lawyer -- NOT about running a business that offered legal services.

I had my own mad skills and credentials, yet wasn’t getting the business results I expected either.

(I talk about that in this video....)

But I knew there had to be an answer, and I was determined to find it.

I explored all avenues. Figured out the keys to a business where I don't have to be the bottleneck.  So I can earn what I deserve. And have a life.

(They don’t teach you that in "real" school.)

I've put all those years of experience and learning together into one package ...

... which is now available to YOU

Introducing: The Beyond Solo Academy

The Academy is the result of that decade-long search for answers.

It's the knowledge base that shows you how to rebuild your business so it fulfills your life and your pocketbook.

Wouldn’t you enjoy results like these clients have had?

  • Devon was a high-end designer who had roadblocks in his invoicing processes. This prevented thousands of dollars in receivables from being billed for nearly a year. With a better workflow patterns and checklist systems, Devon recovered nearly $125,000 within 4 months.
  • Ingrid owned a bookkeeping firm and wanted to scale her business. She had a good retainer model but wasn’t tracking time. Within 6 months, she had systems for evaluating which clients were most profitable, and the tools to hire team members effectively.
  • Sandra wanted more Fortune 5000 clients for her web development firm but had trouble getting in the door and closing deals. She learned to identify key qualities for strategic partners. Within two years, one alliance brought a $300,000 client.


"One of the best decisions I made this year…"

Read full testimonial...

"Nina Kaufman is my business muse! Joining her Beyond Solo program was one of the best business decisions I made this year. Her advice around transitioning from a solo service provider to a sustainable business is always actionable, insightful, empathetic, and on-point. She doesn’t pull any punches, but cuts straight to the heart of an issue with surgeon-like precision and thoughtfully guides you to a workable and practical solution. I love having Nina in my corner, and you will too."

Kelley Keller, Esq.  |  Founder & Managing Partner The Keller Law Firm

"Nina makes the difference for entrepreneurs...."

Read full testimonial...

"As a speaker, writer, podcaster, and more, she shares so that entrepreneurs can grow their business without being trapped by it. Hire Nina 1-on-1, get her to speak at your entrepreneurial event, or attend one of her webinars and you will take your business to the next level of profitability and freedom for you, the entrepreneur."

David J. Greer  |  Business Coach and Author Wind in your Sails

"Nina was a godsend for me and my business!"

Read full testimonial...

"I was challenged with a desire to move my business in a new direction and all the fear that comes with going into the unknown.  Nina gave me the support and encouragement to “go for it!” Working with Nina I have been able to productize my business offerings, develop a marketing strategy and cultivate new business leads. Thanks to our work together, I have upgraded my financial management tools and am embarking on a redesign of my website and online presence. Nina taught how to be smarter with contracting and negotiating. I’ve developed more confidence as a business owner and have already seen an increase in revenue from our work.  Last but not least, Nina has a wonderful sense of humor so all of this was fun and engaging!"

Marian Rich  |  Executive Coach and Comic Educator

"[Nina] would be an asset to any business...."

Read full testimonial...

"Nina did an amazing job presenting her breakout session at the Enterprising Women annual awards conference. She absolutely nailed the benefits of scaling your company by using strategic alliances. Nina was engaging, insightful, and on-target. She’s a strategic advisor who clearly enjoys her work (and knows her stuff) and encourages entrepreneurs to do the same. She really gets the WHY and the WHAT of helping service companies scale so that owners can build a sustainable business that supports the life they want to lead. She’d be an asset to any business … and any small business conference."

Anna Pappas  Sr. Strategic Client Advisor  |  Bluewolf (IBM)

"Drop whatever you're doing to hear Nina."

Read full testimonial...

"Nina is a consummate professional. Few business advisors can make risk management for business engaging and compelling. Nina manages to make even the driest topic interesting.

She is the trusted advisor to hundreds of small businesses across industries and knows the challenges of partnerships from the inside. She presents the landmines and solutions with a hilarious wit that is a welcome departure from her boring peers.

Nina is also an internet veteran. Her first-hand experience in building an on-line presence is invaluable to those of us still groping in the dark. Any opportunity you have to hear Nina Kaufman speak, drop what you’re doing. Her knowledge and integrity are second to none."

Dawn Fotopulos   |  Founder  |  Hidden Profit Academy

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Insider secrets you'll get from the Beyond Solo Academy:

  • Tools, like online learning on the business systems that let you streamline, pivot, and earn more
  • Support for your latest projects ... that you might not get from your 9-5 family and friends
  • Solutions to issues like "... but everything is urgent!" and referrals to build out your brain trust with bookkeepers, virtual assistants, attorneys, and CPAs
  • Masterclass training from me, a 20+ year solo veteran, professional mentor, and consultant ... who conveniently has a law license
  • An ever-growing library of resources geared to the needs of Professional Communicators like you
  • Confidence that you'll stop spinning your wheels, and your business will work best for you

The Beyond Solo Academy curriculum

Monthly Live Masterclasses

The current crisis exploded the digital impact on high-touch services businesses. Those who don't adapt will get left behind. Our monthly ZOOM Masterclass trainings will explore how to pivot while creating a lasting business foundation. And include lots of Q&A. Just show up at the appointed time and we'll be waiting for you. You can expect to be on the line for 60 minutes. All Masterclass calls will be recorded and uploaded to the Members-Only website.

Access To Our Online Courses and Tools Including ...

Business STRONG 

Our 7-Module flagship course shows you how to S.C.A.L.E.™ -- the 5 guideposts that help your business stand on its own, provide financial security, and stop being so dependent on you. This is our foundational course and the best place to start.

Chaos-Proof Your Business

You'll never get a break if your business is all in your head. The 30-Day Chaos-Proof Your Business Challenge helps you extract that info so you can step away without worrying your business will suffer. One task a day for 30 days that you can complete in 15 minutes or less!

How to Train Your Clients to Pay You 

Poor cash flow is the #1 reason that 85% of small businesses fold. This program lets you in on the secrets to picking the right clients and setting clear expectations upfront so you can keep cash flowing!

How to Create an Advisory Board 

Every forward-thinking, successful company has one. Get unstuck from the level of your own knowledge and experience. Leverage the power of OPBC -- Other People’s Brainpower and Connections.

Business Breakthrough Blog

Hundreds of articles, podcasts, and videos at your fingertips! Each one with practical, actionable advice covering topics like:

  • Targeting prospects who pay full value
  • How to hire outsourced team members
  • Which parts of your business to automate
  • Creating successful strategic partnerships
  • Delegation tips for maximum efficiency
  • Retainer and subscription-based services
  • Finding money in times of crisis
  • Exit strategies beyond closing your doors
  • And much, much more!

Members-Only Website

Once you join us, you’ll get access to the Member Library on This is where you’ll pick up your resources as they become available—like the monthly ZOOM recordings. Plus, it keeps things simple. One username, one password, total access.

Beyond Solo Academy Group Forum

This is powerful. When you join us, you’ll get access to our private Beyond Solo Academy group forum. That means you’ll have real-time information and answers at your fingertips. You can reach out to other members of the group and me any time you have a question. Not only will you get your answers, but you’ll also be making connections. Connections that could turn into real business and personal friendships. The power of this feature alone makes the Beyond Solo Academy a fantastic resource.

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3 Qs to see if the Beyond Solo Academy is a fit for you

1 - Are you a Professional Communicator?  

Running a knowledge-based or professional service business that supports business clients has unique challenges. Challenges that differ from manufacturing, software, construction trade, or product-based businesses -- precisely because what you sell is an intangible. This is where we do our best work.  

That's why our tools and resources focus on independent professionals and communications experts in areas like Marketing, Consulting, Creative, Strategy, Communications, Branding, Events, Coaching, Speaking, and other professional services like law and accounting that get delivered to other businesses.

2 - Do you value self-development?

You KNOW that just doing great work isn't enough. That's what got you where you are now. You need systems and operations for repeat success.

You already put your mind to work delivering your services to your clients. In the Academy, you'll just shift some brain-power to building the engine of your business. If learning is your "happy place" -- maybe you love research, already read a book a month, take continuing education courses, engage in personal development -- this will be a natural fit.

3 - Do you want to short-cut your success?

The Academy provides actionable, plain-English guidance to build a leaner, more profitable business that supports the life you want. Guidance like how to get busy work off your plate so you can focus. Build a team without months of missteps. Serve without reinventing the wheel. Grow without the burnout. Say "no" to time wasters.

Our monthly training calls include real-time Q&A. Workbooks, exercises, and questions take you through step-by-step. So you can act on what you learn. And stop being the bottleneck -- faster.

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Straight-Talk about the Academy

I'm an SBA-award winning business strategist, attorney, and national media resource who works every day with high-end private clients.

But I understand not everyone's at that level. Not everyone wants -- or is ready for -- a 1-2-1 hands-on approach. Or even for the group coaching offered in my Beyond Solo Inner Circle. That’s okay.

Professional Communicators still have a huge need to know how to run a business that doesn't run you ragged.

Sorting through systems and processes is SO much harder when you don't have millions in venture capital funding thrown at you. When you have bootstrap and figure it out yourself. When your family depends on your success.  When you constantly sacrifice so others' lives can be better.

That's heroic stuff. And I like working with heroes

So I asked myself a question you'll hear often in the Academy.

(Because moving beyond time-for-dollars is an important pillar of our teachings).

How can I get this valuable guidance to all the solo business owners who need it -- in a time- and cost-effective way? 

ANSWER: By leveraging a digital platform and the power of community support.

You have a rare opportunity right now to remake your business. To say "NO" to the old way you've been running your business.

I want to make this a no-brainer for you to say "YES" so you can pivot, streamline, and earn what you deserve. 

THAT's why I'm charging only $99/month for the first 100 members.

Want to lock in that price for as long as you're in the program?

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About Our Founder

My name is Nina Kaufman.

For over two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of solopreneurs and solo business owners. Showing them how to get beyond the day-to-day grind with solid business operations. An SBA-award-winning business strategist and attorneyI’ve been a media resource for outlets like,, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, MSNBC’s Your Business, Fox′s Good Day NY, and SAP Radio. I've steered my companies through soaring highs and depressing lows like September 11th, Superstorm Sandy, and shuttering my first business. (For more backstory, see my video, above). I love owning two successful B2B service businesses, and the freedom it gives me to be me -- a former stand-up comic and rabbi who geeks out on systems, processes, and the planetarium. Way too quirky for BigLaw or the Fortune 500. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's Your Cancellation Policy?

You Are Fully Protected By Our 100% Guarantee

If you're not totally satisfied with your membership in the Beyond Solo Academy,

let us know within the first 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

What's Your Next Step? 

That's up to you.

You’re at the point of decision.

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you've already been traveling.

Or you can choose the road less traveled. 

The path of least resistance will probably result in the same outcomes you’ve been getting. 

But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your business, you’re going to have to do something different.

It’s not about cost, it’s about choice.

Ready to make a new choice and pursue a new outcome?

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I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at our Support Desk

To your exponential success,