Make Your Business More Fun, Flexible, and Rewarding!

  • Discover how to take time off, even if you're the only one in your business
  • End the overwhelm of being pulled in all directions
  • Bust through the revenue plateaus without working more hours

Owning your own business is real freedom

... until your business owns you.

 Did You Know ... ?

Over 70% of all small businesses in the U.S. are owned by just one person. 

That amounts to over 21 million business owners, all eager to take control of their destiny. Be of service. Make a good living.

It's exhilarating! No bosses. No brown-nosing. No office politics. 

Empowering! Freeing! 

... Until your business owns you.

Which happens real fast when you’re the sole owner. There's more to running a growing business than anyone lets on. No one to guide you on best practices. Not enough time to get everything done. Tough to pull yourself out to work on the business, not in it. So you get stuck in the day-to-day grind. Lose sight of the big picture.

“It's easy to get in your own way ... when you don't have anyone to show you a better way.”

Why does that happen?

Because  a successful business runs on systems. On what you can repeat. And duplicate. Predictability is power.

When your business is all in your head, you can't replicate. Share. Teach. Delegate. Scale. Or have anyone other than you do the work.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • An avalanche of email in your inbox every morning
  • Can’t pay yourself consistently
  • Everything feels urgent, so you're on the iPhone all the time
  • Staff interrupts you 17 times a day and you can’t get anything done
  • Missed your child's soccer game (again) to stay in the office
  • Fed up with hearing “why don’t you go get a job” for the 1000th time
  • Exhausted and drained all the time 
  • Wondering if you can ever afford to retire (and secretly fearing you can’t)

Sounds like chaos, right?

... But it doesn't have to be that way.

Ever wondered why some small businesses

run like a well-oiled machine?

How their owners got off the hamster wheel?

I'm going to share with you how I did it

and have helped my clients do it, too.

(Hint: you can't grow a business without a playbook)

My name is Nina Kaufman.

For over two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of solopreneurs and solo business owners just like you to get beyond the day-to-day grind and reach the full potential of their life and business. As an SBA-award-winning business strategist and attorney, I know full well that running a small business isn’t airy-fairy theory based on an MBA degree. I’ve been a media resource for millions via Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, HuffingtonPost.com, MSNBC’s Your Business, Fox′s Good Day NY, and SAP Radio, to name a few. Having done stand-up comedy for 6 years, my approach is practical, straightforward, and approachable. You might even say compassionate, because I’ve “been there, done that.” All good, but how did I get here? As you'll see from my story below, I've lived through peaks and pitfalls.  There's lot's I love about being a solo owner of two B2B service businesses, but also know how easy it is to get in your own way … when you don’t have anyone to show you a better way

That’s why I created the Beyond Solo Inner Circle.

A membership group where I guide you to

grow your business without being trapped by it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

What does it take to end the overwhelm? To harness the power of duplication? And design the business operations that others can follow?

Three things—what I call Business G.P.S. SM

(These are the top three areas where solos need ongoing support)





The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, One who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How. Entrepreneurship is not for sissies. You face repeated rejection. Cash flow rollercoasters. Financial risk. Long hours … perhaps for years. Sacrifice time and relationships. In my view, being a business owner is about the most courageous career anyone could choose, after perhaps first responders and the military.

That’s why you need to be crystal-clear on your goals. WHY are you doing this? Why are you subjecting yourself and your family to enormous stress and risk? For the same money, why NOT just go get a job?

Some clients want the freedom of entrepreneurial life. Others have a personal vision to make the world a better place. Or challenge the status quo. Others have something to prove. Whatever your reason, your WHY is your foundation. It will sustain you in dark times. Some call it faith –the confidence in things hoped for, and the assurance of things not yet seen. If you didn’t have faith in your success, you would never have taken this step.

It’s hard to keep the faith as a solo business owner. Some days, it feels like everyone wants to tear you down—complaining clients, frightened spouses, harsh vendors, social climbing classmates, our inner dialogue. We all need support on this tough journey. That’s why I share freely from various Wisdom and spiritual traditions in our Beyond Solo Inner Circle calls. This is not just a journey of making more money. It’s a journey of becoming the YOU you were meant to be.


To reach your goals, you have to have a plan. And have an eye for what can derail that plan.

A big challenge for solo business owners is the overwhelming amount of info you need to run a small business successfully. No single person can know it all. Especially if you haven’t had a lot of good models for doing it.

You see, a small business is NOT a smaller version of a major corporation. Corporate/big firm refugees who start their own business often don’t have experience with small business management. Or simultaneously juggling the roles of CEO, back office, and main service provider.

Same goes for highly educated professionals who hang out their own shingle. Like me, you may have learned a lot about how to be an excellent service provider in school (attorney, architect, accountant, etc.). But that expensive, multi-year degree probably taught you squat about how to start, run, and grow a business that offers your services. Offered no tips or best practices in marketing, billing, pricing, profitability, client retention, internal process creation, finding strategic partners, exit strategy … and the list goes on.

If you’re reading this, I have every confidence you’re bright, creative, and resourceful. You just don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why membership in the Beyond Solo Inner Circle gives you access to tools and resources I’ve created to make that transition from self-employed -> true business owner.


To bring a plan to life, you have to act on it. Consistently. Not haphazardly, or in bursts of energy. That’s where systems come in. They ensure consistencyYour business runs on systems. How dependable are yours?

One of my favorite expressions is You can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar. That’s one of the big reasons my first business failed. I thought my business partner was enough of an accountability partner. Not true … because we were BOTH inside the jar, doing our dance of dysfunction. If you want new results in your business, you need people outside your jar.

The American Society of Training and Development studied how people could reach their goals better. They found that deciding to achieve a goal gives you only a 10-25% success rate. That rises to 65% after you make that commitment to another person. Success jumps to 95% when you include ongoing check-ins with your partner to report on your progress!

95% success rate! Obviously, an overwhelming key to success is social commitment. That’s why the Beyond Solo Inner Circle includes regular Zoom calls as a built-in accountability tool.

"One of the best decisions I made this year…"

"Nina Kaufman is my business muse! Joining her Beyond Solo Inner Circle program was one of the best business decisions I made this year. Her advice around transitioning from a solo service provider to a sustainable business is always actionable, insightful, empathetic, and on-point. She doesn’t pull any punches, but cuts straight to the heart of an issue with surgeon-like precision and thoughtfully guides you to a workable and practical solution. I love having Nina in my corner, and you will too."

Kelley Keller, Esq.  |  Founder & Managing Partner The Keller Law Firm

"Nina makes the difference for entrepreneurs...."

"As a speaker, writer, podcaster, and more, she shares so that entrepreneurs can grow their business without being trapped by it. Hire Nina 1-on-1, get her to speak at your entrepreneurial event, or attend one of her webinars and you will take your business to the next level of profitability and freedom for you, the entrepreneur."

David J. Greer  |  Business Coach and Author Wind in your Sails

“Your business depends too much on you.

There’s nothing to sell.”


I started my first law firm in 1996. It took me a good 7 years to see the limits of selling time-for-dollars, and I wanted to change business models. But I ran into roadblocks with my then-business partner, who didn’t share the vision. I didn’t have mentors to guide me, so kept racing along like a hamster on a wheel.

Over the next few years, our revenues plateaued. We fought constantly. I wanted to quit—sell my share of the firm to my partner and leave.

So I consulted a business valuation expert. I showed him the numbers, the clients, the plans. And said, Tell me. What’s all this worth?

What he told me shocked me to the core.

He said,

There’s nothing to sell. Your business depends too much on you. If you want to get out cheap and fast, just resign. Move on.

And that’s what I did. Took my best option—to close the doors and walk away. No golden parachute. Not even a dime for the vacation fund.

Can you imagine?!? I had put my heart and my soul into that business for 12 years … and for what?!? I delayed getting married. Didn’t have kids. Developed lifelong thyroid problems from the stress.

I felt like a complete failure—a total schmuck.

But a smart-enough schmuck that I didn’t want to repeat my mistakes. 

Mistakes like focusing on income "for today " instead of consistent revenue for the future. 

Like confusing motion with action. Being busy, instead of getting results.

Like assuming I had to have all the answers myself.

I love being a small business owner.  I've never worked for a Fortune 500 corporation or Big Law firm ... and never wanted to. I've resisted building a mega-firm because I don't want to manage a lot of people with employee mindsets. I love working with other business owners who bring their creativity and entrepreneurial A-game. True collaborators who also value their independence. But I realized that I was going to retire without sufficient return on my investment in my business if I didn't change something.

So I got my geek on. Let my inner bookworm loose. Dug into the research. Read everything on scaling a service business. Interviewed experts (over 100 podcast episodes!). Talked to clients differently. Looked for gaps in all the noise and information out there. I curated the gold nuggets others overlooked.

Those gold nuggets are the insider secrets to making your business fun, flexible, and rewarding you'll access when you become a member of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle.

You'll get:

  • Tools, like online content on how to automate parts of your business -- so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Support for your latest projects ... that you might not get from your 9-5 family and friends
  • Real-time solutions to issues like "...but everything is urgent!" and referrals to build out your brain trust--like bookkeepers, virtual assistants, attorneys, and CPAs
  • Coaching from me, a 20+-year solopreneurial veteran, professional mentor, and consultant ... who conveniently has a law license.

All the Guidance YOU NEED

Here's more on what you receive as part of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle:

Personal Consulting Call Upon Enrollment

This is where it all begins.  You and me on the phone laser targeting your goals. We'll figure out what’s been blocking you, create a starting point, and get you up and running FAST!

VALUE: $375

Twice Monthly Live ZOOM Meetings

This is where we all get together, see each other's faces, and work on moving our business forward. Meetings will include accountability, teaching, and consulting. And lots of Q&A. Think of them as walking down the hall and chatting with a co-worker about a project. Just show up at the appointed time and we'll be waiting for you. You can expect to be on the line for 60 minutes. All ZOOM meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the Members-Only website.

VALUE: $1000

Access To My Resources

Cash Out BIG Webinar. This video gives you the foundation to grow your business the right way, based on our proprietary S.C.A.L.E.™ formula. You’ll discover how to get off the hamster wheel that’s had you running in place for so long!

VALUE: $97

Business Strong. Our 7-Module foundation course shows you how to S.C.A.L.E.™ -- the 5 guideposts that help your business stand on its own, provide financial security, and stop being so dependent on you.

VALUE: $1997

How to Create an Advisory Board. Every forward-thinking, successful company has one. Get unstuck from the level of your own knowledge and experience. Leverage the power of OPBC -- Other People’s Brainpower and Connections.

VALUE: $47

How to Train Your Clients to Pay You. Poor cash flow is the #1 reason that 85% of small businesses fold. This program will let you in on the secrets to picking the right clients and setting clear expectations up front so you can keep cash flowing!

VALUE: $197

The Contracts & Collections Bundle. Everything you need to know about contracts from substance to fine print. Plus, you’ll learn how to navigate the collections process – and put in better systems so you can catch clients before their payments get away from you!

VALUE: $77

You’ll get access to ALL these resources for as long as

you’re a member of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle!

Personal Coaching Session ... for the 1st 10 Members only

Each month, I open a limited number of slots for personal coaching time with me. Think of it as your life-line to me, one-on-one, for a 30-minute call for as long as you’re part of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle. Having a business crisis and need some help? I'll be here for you.

Today I charge $2000 a month minimum on retainer for mentoring. I have more private clients than I want and am reducing them. So this 30-minute session has a real value of $250 -- a massive benefit for such an affordable program!

But time is limited. I can only offer this to the first 10 people who join the Beyond Solo Inner Circle. And once those slots are filled? It's gone. So act TODAY!

VALUE: $250

Members-Only Website

Once you join us, you’ll get access to the Client pages on BusinessExponential.com. This is where you’ll pick up your resources as they become available—like the twice-monthly ZOOM recordings. Plus, it keeps things simple. One username, one password, total access.

Beyond Solo Group Forum

This is powerful. When you join us, you’ll get access to our private Beyond Solo group forum. That means you’ll have real-time information and answers at your fingertips. You can reach out to other members of the group and me any time you have a question. Not only will you get your answers, but you’ll also be making connections. Connections that could turn into real business and personal friendships. The power of this feature alone makes the Beyond Solo Inner Circle a fantastic resource.


"Nina was a godsend for me and my business!"

"I was challenged with a desire to move my business in a new direction and all the fear that comes with going into the unknown.  Nina gave me the support and encouragement to “go for it!” Working with Nina I have been able to productize my business offerings, develop a marketing strategy and cultivate new business leads. Thanks to our work together, I have upgraded my financial management tools and am embarking on a redesign of my website and online presence. Nina taught how to be smarter with contracting and negotiating. I’ve developed more confidence as a business owner and have already seen an increase in revenue from our work.  Last but not least, Nina has a wonderful sense of humor so all of this was fun and engaging!"

Marian Rich  |  Executive Coach and Comic Educator

"The answer is simple: Nina Kaufman. Esq."

"At least once a decade, I get an itch and feel a strong need to evaluate my successful career coaching business. I seriously consider ways I might tinker with it. You might wonder who a career coach with 30+ years’ experience seeks out for a thoughtful, vulnerable, and close-to-the-bone brainstorming session -- the answer is simple: Nina Kaufman. Esq.

Nina and I have known each other for many years – back when we both practiced law. I knew Nina to be a strong advocate, smart, knowledgeable, and a practical attorney who gave her clients excellent employment law advice. Over the years, as Nina’s business migrated to providing business advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs, I happily began referring clients to her so they could benefit from her valuable and insightful business advice.

Without reservation, it is my pleasure to endorse Nina Kaufman to you if you are hoping to find a wonderful, competent champion to help you sort out the complex issues involved in building your dream business."

Alexandra Duran  MSW, JD  Career & Workplace Development Strategist

"[Nina] would be an asset to any business"

"Nina did an amazing job presenting her breakout session at the Enterprising Women annual awards conference. She absolutely nailed the benefits of scaling your company by using strategic alliances. Nina was engaging, insightful, and on-target. She’s a strategic advisor who clearly enjoys her work (and knows her stuff) and encourages entrepreneurs to do the same. She really gets the WHY and the WHAT of helping service companies scale so that owners can build a sustainable business that supports the life they want to lead. She’d be an asset to any business … and any small business conference."

Anna Pappas  Sr. Strategic Client Advisor  |  Bluewolf (IBM)

As a member of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle,
you'll begin the same way
my high-end clients do.

Upon enrollment, I'll be asking you to write your goals, challenges, and dreams and send them to me. Then, you and I will get together in a private call to discuss your exact needs.

Once you're in, I'll be nudging you to introduce yourself to the group. I need you to share your story with the other group members so you can tap into the power of the Inner Circle.

That, plus access to all the resources and tools mentioned above.

Fortune favors the bold...

... and I award decisive action. If you add up the value of all the elements of the Inner Circle, you’re looking at a price tag of $3,887/month for access to all these resources!


But you can become a member of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle

at the amazingly affordable price of only $497/month ...

... for as long as you stay in the program.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

"Nina is a consummate professional."

"Few business advisors have the ability to make risk management for business engaging and compelling. Nina manages to make even the most dry topic interesting.

She is the trusted advisor to hundreds of small businesses across industries and knows the challenges of partnerships from the inside. She presents the landmines and solutions with a hilarious wit that is a welcome departure from her boring peers.

Nina is also an internet veteran. Her first-hand experience in building an on-line presence is invaluable to those of us still groping in the dark. Any opportunity you have to hear Nina Kaufman speak, drop what you’re doing. Her knowledge and integrity are second to none."

Dawn Fotopulos   |  Founder  |  Hidden Profit Academy

"Thank you so much for opening my eyes."

"Your analysis of my P&L by client was complete with regard to every detail. I would still be running around my own tail if it wasn't for your expertise and insights. I would highly advise any small business owner to have this full profitability audit of their business done (not by the government) ASAP. The conclusions are priceless and you are just a gem to work with. Thanks again Rockstar Nina"

Inbal Sakas   |  Founder & Owner  |  F.A.R. Experts Bookkeeping

"Just what creative entrepreneurs are looking for."

"One would be hard pressed to find an expert with even some of the qualities that Nina Kaufman brings to the table — a razor-sharp intellect, a unique comedic gift, a generous spirit, and the insight to know just what creative entrepreneurs are looking for."

Benjamin Wolff   |  Speaker, Cellist, Forbes Contributor & Former Professor of Music   |  Hofstra University

Limited To Only 30 Members

Before I go on, yes, there are only 30 spots in this group. I limit the number of members to make sure everyone gets the absolute best experience.

I’ve seen other online groups and coaching --sheesh, I’ve even been a member - with 100s of people in them. How “special” does that make you feel?  How confident are you that you’ll get what you need? How likely is it that your questions are heard, much less answered? Not very, let’s be real.

The Beyond Solo Inner Circle is structured as an interactive group. In other words, they have access to me, and I have access to them. Only my personal clients have that privilege today.

But I’ve opened up this group because I can work only with a certain number of one-on-one clients before my own life gets crushed—and I preach leverage as a way to escape the time-for-dollars trap. Also, most folks can’t afford what I charge. I also love the synergy that comes with a group to move people toward their goals.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

The Choice Is Yours.

  • Do you want to continue to struggle your way through growing your business? 
  • Do you want to keep making costly mistakes and wasting time? 
  • Are you happy missing out on opportunities that could make your life and business better?

You can choose to continue to go on your own. Or you can decide to join the Beyond Solo Inner Circle.

I'm here to support your journey, guide you through the trenches, and smoothen up the trails. You are getting a TON of value that, if you’re serious, you can use to power your way to success. It’s up to you. We’ve already established that it’s beyond affordable. It’s not about cost, it’s about choice.

Get Instant Access

to the Beyond Solo Inner Circle!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

You Are Fully Protected By Our 100% Guarantee

If you're not totally satisfied with the quality of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle, let us know within the first 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

I believe in you and our Beyond Solo Inner Circle. That's why I want you to join us, get inside, learn, dream, and have fun! I want you to put it to good use. If you feel that you do not see the value, or if you think it’s not right for whatever the reason, get in touch within your first 30 days and I will give you your money back.

Simple as that. No pressure, no stress, no worries.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What Results Can I Expect?

What Happens When I Join?

I'm Already Swamped. How Much Time Will This Take Each Month?

Do I Have To Do Homework?

Do You Have a "Success Path" So I Can Gauge My Progress?

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

One More Thing I MUST Say...

Expectations go both ways.

The members of the Beyond Solo Inner Circle are vital to me. They are serious about going beyond being solo and reaching the full potential of their life and business. They have lots of integrity.

This is not just another social media group, where people b*tch and moan about being a solopreneur.

There is a Code of Conduct, and it will be enforced.

If you're a taker who monopolizes the conversation, grabs the  goodies and quits--PLEASE DO NOT join the group. DO NOT join. Business owners put up with enough B.S. and scammers.

Their time is precious. I won’t subject them to that.

(Now... back to the good stuff)

On The Other Hand...

If you feel like you might be a good fit, PLEASE DO join our group. Those who get the most out of this work tend to be knowledge or expertise-based business owners. Like those in marketing, consulting, creative, and professional services that involve a lot of project work. They’re beyond the start-up phase –and their owners have been “in the trenches” for at least 5 years. Long enough to have hit the speedbumps, but eager to stay on the game and reach for more.

Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Are you ready to become a leader with a CEO mindset?

Do you want a successful business and an enjoyable life?

Are you willing to make the commitment to creating both?

Then become a Beyond Solo Inner Circle member.

Solo business owners are some of the most courageous and creative people I know, and it’s my honor and joy to serve them. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at our Support Desk. I'll do my best to answer all of them. 

I look forward to seeing you in the Beyond Solo Inner Circle.

To your exponential success,

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