How will you spend the next 30 days?

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It’s March 18th, 2020. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a whole range of feelings about this COVID-19 thing. Not unlike Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief. Denying there’s an issue because hey, I’m healthy and not in a high-risk group. Angry at the panic-inducing a**holes who create a run on basic necessities … Read More

Is your business leaking money?

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As seen in …   Tired of running out of money no matter how much you make? As my client Danielle complained, Why does it seem I can generate several million dollars a year … and STILL never have enough money in the bank? So what’s the solution to managing those cash flow ups and … Read More

How BigLaw business operations can free solopreneurs to do what they love

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A recent Wall Street Journal article reported on seismic changes befalling large law firms. Seems that under the new regime, “data and money rule.” Gone is the tightknit camaraderie. The three-martini lunches. Where “I’ll get around to it,” was the response to turning in time sheets and billing practices were lax. Where splitting profits at … Read More

Time Bandits

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Where does the day go? The time bandits steal them. No, not the ones from the 1981 Terry Gilliam film (a personal fave), where a young boy joins a band of time-travelling dwarves looking for treasure to steal. Time bandits, like client interruptions. Questions from staff. Tech glitches. Activity that eats away at good, solid … Read More

Take a breath

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How often have you rushed ahead in business, instead of taking a breath? A while back, I took on a leadership role with a business group. It had the promise to showcase my systems and operations expertise. A chance to explore: How can the group hum like a well-oiled machine … especially for the next … Read More

What’s an IDEAL hiring process?

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If you look up the definition of “control freak” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of a business owner. Brilliant, fiercely independent people … but that stubborn streak can cap their business growth. Like, when less critical tasks crowd their plate. When they can’t focus on what makes their company profitable. When their Nobody-does-it-better … Read More

Who are your best clients?

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I attended a business roundtable just before Thanksgiving. We were asked: “What’s one of the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered growing your business?” The answer: Spending years targeting the wrong audience. Trying to generate revenue from people who were familiar to us. In our comfort zone. Who couldn’t — and wouldn’t — make us any money. … Read More

Does your business have Technicolor clarity?

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Recently, I worked with a small Jewish spiritual center in Manhattan to facilitate an important focus group session. They had never convened a focus group before. Never really done any in-depth strategic planning before. Although the organization has been around for nearly 100 years, it’s having challenges attracting new members. Especially, new members willing to … Read More