How To Get Clients to Pay Faster

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During tough times, it’s a beautiful thing to want to be compassionate. But when it comes to not getting paid and leaving money on the table, that kindness and compassion can be devastating to a small business. Recently, I’ve been talking to clients about having “money conversations” and how to get paid faster. You don’t … Read More

3 Tips for Screening A-list Clients

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Who are your A-List clients? When it comes to growing your business beyond yourself, clients are the tip of the spear. Without A-List clients, you don’t have good cash flow. And without cash flow, you don’t have a business. If you’re a solo or small firm, your business systems aren’t set up to handle everybody. … Read More

Are you working with clients you like?

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Do you like your clients? Do they respect the advice they give you? Does it feel like a collaborative relationship when you’re working together? If not, that’s a sign you need to shore up your intake process. (Do you have one?) During challenging times, it’s tempting to take any client that has a pulse and … Read More

Can You Use the New “EZ” Form for PPP Loan Forgiveness?

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It’s never a dull moment with the Paycheck Protection Program. It changes all the time! Just before the Independence Day holiday, the SBA released a shorter, simplified “EZ” forgiveness application and instructions for Paycheck Protection Program loans. In this short video, I share three qualifications that will allow certain solo and small firms to use … Read More

What if you’re NOT eligible for an EIDL loan?

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In addition to the Payroll Protection Program, the SBA extended its Economic Injury Disaster Loan program to cover businesses affected by the Coronavirus. Millions of small business owners rushed to apply … before they knew all the details. After a long wait – and lots of confusion – the SBA is now reaching out to … Read More

How can the latest PPP rule changes help YOU?

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I recently shared a couple of tools to stay grounded and balanced when facing events outside of our control. And it’s been a tumultuous few weeks and months, hasn’t it? Thankfully, this past week finally included some good news for solo and small firm owners. I know it’s hard to keep up … but once … Read More

Focus on what you CAN control

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We’ve all had a lot to shoulder recently — New Yorkers especially. We’re the epicenter of the Coronavirus. Roughly one out of every eight people killed by the disease in the world lived in the tri-state area. So we’re likely to be in lockdown well after everyone else can start moving about freely. Add to … Read More