Does Your Business Have a Safety Net?

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What I love about entrepreneurs is that they feel invincible. Heart attacks? Stroke? Car accident? That’ll happen to someone else. Until that “someone else” is you. Is your business prepared?

In this episode, Erin Ardleigh, founder and president of Dynama Insurance, shares her insights on the insurance gaps that can destroy a business, and the “systems” you can put into place to ensure your business thrives.


Does your business have a safety net…cob086_erin-ardleigh

  • Statistically, you have a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing some form of disability. So why leave your business to chance? Look into the right insurance so that your business can keep running even if something sets you back temporarily or permanently.
  • Create a buy-sell agreement now and FUND IT–usually with life insurance. That gives you the cash and contingency plan in case you or your business partner dies unexpectedly. Otherwise you could end up owing the company with your business partner’s spouse. (Can you say “nightmare”?). A solid exit strategy is a key factor in making your company more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Strengthen your safety net with employee incentives. This can include life insurance, group long-term care insurance, or other benefits for your employees and their families. These could also help your employees avoid having to miss work to care for ill family members themselves.
  • Work with an independent broker to compare a range of companies and prices. Insurance products can be priced very differently. To ensure you get the coverage you really need, get help to do the research and read the fine print.  Do an annual check-up to make you you still need the policies you’re paying for.

Want to protect your top line revenue from being evaporated?  Tune into this episode of Cash Out BIG to get the top tips on creating a risk management safety net for your company!


Erin Ardleigh is the founder and president of Dynama Insurance. She has worked in the insurance industry since 2002 and founded Dynama Insurance in 2014. Her vision is to make the insurance planning process more transparent and more accessible for her clients. As independent brokers, Erin and her team represent the country’s strongest and most reliable insurance companies and provide unbiased access to the most competitive products. Dynama Insurance provides life, disability, health and long term care insurance, as well as complimentary reviews of existing insurance policies.

Erin personally oversees each client’s plan design and says that the best part of her job is meeting smart, successful people. Erin is passionate about helping other business people, especially women. She is the group coordinator for Gotham Networking’s Dinner Group and is a co-founder of a Mastermind Group for women business owners. She regularly hosts and attends business networking and industry events. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Culture from the City University of New York. A lifelong passion for travel has led Erin across six continents.

Favorite Quote:

“You will never be younger than you are today.” ~ Erin Ardleigh

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