Buttercream icing

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It’s my birthday week, so naturally, my thoughts turn to cake.

(I love cake.)

As a kid, I got to choose what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday. Not there was such a wide selection in those days. You got Duncan Hines® chocolate cake or golden cake. Chocolate icing or vanilla icing. Fruit filling was around … but why bother with fruit when you can have chocolate?

I was super-clear about what I wanted–golden cake/chocolate filling/chocolate buttercream icing—and testy if I didn’t get it.

Are you that clear about what you want?

Many business owners (my clients included) allow the complexity of entrepreneurship to muddy their thinking. Soften their goals. Cloud their vision for the kind of life they want to live.

I agree, running a successful business is not a piece of cake.

But recipes for success abound that you can follow with great results.

It all depends on what kind of cake—or life—you want to have.

When you have down time this holiday week, take a moment to picture your “cake.” What are the ingredients?

  • Calm or energized work environment?
  • Independent or devoted workforce?
  • Large or small clients?
  • Uber-abundant or financially free income?
  • Unplugged time with family?
  • Ability to travel?
  • Freedom to pursue passion projects?

Make it as clear as choosing your favorite flavor of buttercream icing.

And if it’s not, get in touch. We have the recipe to help you design your business so it brings you the life you’ve wanted.

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