If You Can’t Be Replaced, You’re Trapped

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When was the last time you took a 2-week vacation? Were you tethered to your smartphone? How often did you check in to the office (whether you had to or not)? Would you like to be able to step away—unplugged–and come back to a company that’s still thriving?

In this episode, Dr. Curtis Odom shares his insights on “knowledge transfer” so that your personal high-touch service and attitude can be replicated among your team members.


If You Can’t Be Replaced, You’re Trapped…cob098_drcurtisodom_standingphoto

  • Determine which things are absolutely essential, that only you can do. Delegate the rest to members of your team. This not only frees you up, but also gives your staff the feeling of working with you rather than only working for you.
  • Focus your energies on business development and developing white-glove service. You, as the owner, don’t necessarily be in the weeds of data analysis and report drafting. Make it your goal to concentrate on your business strategy, not working in the business.
  • Select team members with the “right stuff” — the right knowledge, attitude and skills to help you run and grow your business. Look for people whose skills and experience you trust, then take the time to train them to work the way you want them to. Regularly ask your customers for feedback so you can continually train and, if necessary, replace members of your team.
  • Develop your company brand so it’s separate from your own identity. If your business is all about “you,” you’ll always be tethered to the ins and outs of daily operation. When your business stands on its own brand, it can run while you aren’t there–and you won’t come back to raging fires due to your absence!


Dr. Odom knows how to get the “unconscious competence” out of your head and into your staff’s so you can get away. If you’re tired of running like a hamster on a wheel, be sure to listen to this episode of Cash Out BIG!


Dr. Curtis Odom, is Principal and Managing Partner of Prescient Strategists, LLC., Founder of the Inclusive Leadership™ Institute, and the acclaimed author of the book “Mind The Gap: Getting Business Results In Multigenerational Organizations”.

Dr. Odom is a leading certified merger and acquisition advisor, certified value growth advisor, and certified professional business coach who specializes in M&A post-transaction integration. Curtis’ expertise is most often sought before an M&A deal closes to discuss integration strategy, planning, capability, and partners with clients from due diligence to optimization as the deal lead for successful integration strategy execution. Curtis leads his consulting firm, Prescient Strategists with a focus on developing and delivering change management, organizational culture, executive coaching, and leadership development solutions to clients during mergers and acquisitions, and strategic business transformation initiatives.

Dr. Odom’s articles, interviews, blog postings, and excerpts from his three published books have been featured online with Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Today.com, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, CNBC Online, Ebony Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Training Magazine, along with numerous other print and online publications.

Words of Wisdom: 

“Most Business Issues Are People Issues” ~ Dr. Curtis Odom

“To Strive, To Seek, To Find, And Not To Yield.” ~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Learn more about Dr. Curtis Odom:

Consultancy: www.prescientstrategists.com

PR Website: www.doctorcurtisodom.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/curtisodom

Twitter: @drcurtisodom


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