You don’t sharpen a knife against a sponge

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You don’t sharpen a knife against a sponge. I love that expression. It goes beyond the platitudes like there is no I in team, or it takes a village. To grow—in any area of life—you need people who will help you sharpen your skills and thinking. Who will challenge you constructively. Not just rubber-stamp your … Read More

Is Your Business Financially Honest?

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Listen to the Episode Below:  You may not be cheating customers, but are you cheating yourself? Are you relying on credit lines and credits cards to keep your business afloat? Does everyone get paid except you? In this episode, financial advisor Michelle McKinnon talks about why pumping every last dollar back into your business can … Read More

It's the principle of the thing ….

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  “I’m done. I’m done! I’m not giving him anything else. The man practically destroyed my business. He doesn’t deserve another red cent.” My client, Valerie, rants while I listen patiently on the phone. She finally got up the gumption to kick out her low-achieving business partner, and we’re in the throes of a settlement … Read More

How Can Your Accountant Boost Your Profits?

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Now that tax season is done done done, (yes, I filed on extension), I wanted to give a shout-out to the people who made that process relatively painless: my accountants.  They have certainly saved my bacon on more than one occasion. By keeping a watchful eye and working with me proactively, we were able to … Read More