Can the “Sharing Economy” Help You Scale?

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Listen to the Episode Below: Tired of finding workers who pick up and leave after a year? Worried about hiring in unstable economic conditions? What if your workforce could expand flexibly so your business can scale when ready? In this episode, we talk to Steve Pruneau, founder of Free Agent Source, a management consulting company made … Read More

Rebuilding from the Abyss

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Listen to the Episode Below: Could your business bounce back from the abyss? If a recession whittled your business down to its last employee, would you fold your tent or learn the lessons and rebuild? In this episode, entrepreneur Neil Kristianson shares the harsh realities he faced when the 2008 recession decimated his home remodeling business … Read More

When Women Entrepreneurs “Tip the Scale”

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After reading some stats on the growth of women-owned companies, I was tempted to get depressed. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce (2010), 88% of all women business owners are sole proprietorships without employees. 80% of all women-owned businesses earn less than $50,000.  (It’s not so fabulous for men-owned businesses either: 77% for ownership … Read More