Are you working with clients you like?

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Do you like your clients?

Do they respect the advice they give you? Does it feel like a collaborative relationship when you’re working together?

If not, that’s a sign you need to shore up your intake process.

(Do you have one?)

During challenging times, it’s tempting to take any client that has a pulse and the promise of a bank account. Whether a prospect is a good fit means more than just is this work in your wheelhouse?

In this short video, I share the high points of a conversation with my client that helped her realize she wasn’t screening prospects carefully enough for a good fit:

“Good fit” includes things like:

  1. Have they worked with providers like you before?
  2. Can they pay you?
  3. What’s their deadline?

You’ll find other questions in my 5-Day Action Plan for Small Business Survival.

Click on this link to get your copy and start working with the A-list clients you deserve.


And if you would like some 1-on-1 guidance to develop your intake process, call me.

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