How to Clone Yourself to Build Your Business

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When clients keep coming back for YOU, sure it’s flattering, but it’s also tough to scale. And you can’t be in two places at once. If you’re swamped delivering services to your clients (especially larger ones with longer-term projects), where’s the time for business development? Something’s gotta give ….

In this interview, Sandi Webster talks about her process for hiring “clones” (or, close enough), weaning clients off of asking for her, and building a thriving business.

How to Clone Yourself to Build Your Business

  • How Sandi morphed from being “the consultant” to running a consulting business
  • The challenges in having clients ask for you, specifically
  • The process for weaning clients off of you, as direct service provider.
  • How “pulling the nipple out of the baby’s mouth” frees up time and energy for greater goals

Sandi Webster is a principal of C2G Partners, LLC, a certified, minority, women-owned, management consulting firm that provides marketing and analytics consultants on an interim basis or as an outsourced project to Fortune 500 companies in the Financial Services, Telecom and Insurance industries. The award-winning company is on the Inc. 500|5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list for three consecutive years. With business partner, Peggy McHale, she co-authored Black and White Strike Gold, to help other small business owners grow their businesses to the million dollar mark. In her spare time, she volunteers with The Carter Burden Center for the Aged in Manhattan, walks for American Cancer Society, and supports scholarships and food programs for underprivileged children in Jamaica, West Indies.

Words of Wisdom

Ask for help if you need it … and keep asking because you will get it.” ~ Sandi Webster

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