Are you collecting all the money you deserve?

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For most solo and smallfirm owners earning under $1M, CASH IS KEY.

How can you make sure it gets into YOUR bank account as soon as possible?

This comes up a lot with my coaching clients in creative services– like graphic designers. People who get really involved in the work (which involves their mental creativity) … but often don’t take a step back to manage the workflow and payments.

So if the object is to collect all the money you deserve, what can you do?

I was discussing this with a client the other day. In this short video, let me share with you three strategies we’re starting to implement in her business:

Listen in to learn more about how to …

  1. Bill in advance
  2. Improve your collections system
  3. Watch your scope of work

It’s near-impossible to be IN your business and have an outside/observer perspective ON your business.

If you’re not collecting all the money you deserve and want an outside perspective to develop a better way to do that, set up a call with me.

Use this link:

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