Strategic Business Consulting

Owning your own business is sheer freedom....

You make the rules. No bosses. No brown-nosing. No internal politics. No one to tell you what to do or how to do it - and no accountability.

It’s easy to let priorities slip. To dismiss your own missed deadlines because you “were putting out a fire.” Or, point to your email inbox and say, “that’s why I can’t get anything done.”

But nothing changes… If nothing changes.

Like an airplane having trouble getting off the tarmac, you may be …

  • Tired of being tired of running your business
  • Working way too hard for way too little money
  • With a spouse who’s threatening divorce because you’re always on your smartphone
  • Overworked with little time for personal life
  • Reaching a plateau where your business can’t grow anymore unless you invent the 28-hour day

We know how difficult it is when no one is at your side. No one to help you identify your company’s vital priorities. No one holding your feet to the fire to get them done.

You can’t read the label from inside the jar. Unknown

Get new results with our trained eyes...

We have designed our business owner coaching and consulting programs to help you with the high level decisions. So you can streamline your business. Systemize your operations. Leverage your team and processes. Shine the light on what’s holding you back. And that lets you step back from the day-to-day.

A healthy business is like a healthy body. It requires a lot of systems to function. All have to be working well for you to be in optimal health. If your systems are out of whack, your business can suck you dry … taking up all your time, energy, and cash.  We’ll share ideas, plans, and guidance so you can position your company to maximize your options down the road.

Whether remotely or on-site, we’ve worked with company owners on:

  • Visioning for the short and long term future
  • Strategic planning
  • New operating systems and procedures
  • Succession planning
  • Goal-setting and building action plans and metrics to track progress
  • Refining new business models and organizational structures

Our ideal clients are owners (and only owners) of knowledge or “thought”-based service businesses. Like marketing, consulting, creative, and professional firms that involve a lot of project work. They’re beyond the start-up phase – usually generating 6-7 figures in annual revenue. And their owners have been “in the trenches” with the company for at least 7 years. Long enough to have hit the speedbumps, but eager to stay on the game and reach for more. A leader with a CEO mindset who wants a successful business and an enjoyable life, and is ready to make the commitment to creating both.

We have the ability to create a coaching or consulting program that fits your needs and budget. This can include:

  • Setting annual goals and building an action plan for accomplishing them
  • Setting monthly and quarterly metrics so we can track progress
  • Holding accountability and sounding board sessions (via Skype/Zoom or over the phone)
  • Emails as needed to follow-up on action steps, key meetings
  • Assessment documents, reviews and checklists
  • Recorded calls so you have access to listen, absorb, and review
  • Face time with a trusted advisor
  • Access to our vetted network of subject matter expert

Take your business to the next level...

Having been entrepreneurs for over 20 years and steeped in the “thought” industry, we bring a special mix to our work. For us, running a small knowledge-based business isn’t airy-fairy theory based on an MBA degree. We’ve lived through the peaks and pitfalls. So our approach is practical and straightforward, but approachable. You might even say compassionate, because we’ve “been there, done that.” We know, as owners, how easy it is to get in our own way.

Either way, we don’t expect you to sign up sight unseen. In fact, this is an important relationship—one we hope will be ongoing— and we want to be sure it’s a fit for both of us.

Fees range from $2500/mo. to $5500/day (plus travel expenses), depending on the approach that’s right for you. 

So reach out to set up a call to explore the options.

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