Create a Succession Plan by Playing Hooky

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As a teacher before becoming a financial advisor and entrepreneur, Susan McGlory Michel knows that some lessons you ease into gently, and others are the “drop you in the pool to see if you swim” variety. In this interview, we explore the baby steps you can take to pull back from your business so that your team develops the skills—and the confidence—to figure it out without your micromanaging them.

Episode Highlights

  • How solos (and small firms) can wrap their minds around “succession planning” … and the pitfalls if they don’t.
  • “This is only a test …”—how playing hooky (for a day) boosts your emergency plan
  • What scares employees most about change and growth in a small business … and how can you help them feel more at ease?
  • How to avoid turning your family business into “Family Feud”

Susan McGlory Michel is the founder and CEO of Glen Eagle Advisors, a full service, woman owned, financial services firm.   She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth, the oldest women’s college in New Jersey … and the fact that the college is located in “Convent” Station, New Jersey, did not scare her husband away.  (A brave soul!). Together they have raised four children. Susan has a unique values-based approach to entrepreneurship and financial services which is captured in her firm’s vision statement “Faith, Family, Firm, in that order!”

Words of Wisdom

  • “Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.” ~ Sister Mary Corita Kent

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