The Benefits of a Proven Franchise Model

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Length: 27:07 minutes

I look down at my Staples® five-subject spiral notebook, slowly filling with notes and ideas and jottings about how I run my business. Summer is usually a quiet time for my business. To look carefully at what’s working–and what’s not. To stop reinventing the wheel every time I get a business card or make a referral or on-board a client.

Like the sage Irish proverb teaches us about slow times,

When you’re not fishing, be mending the nets.

And just when I was so proud of myself for starting the painstaking yet valuable task of documenting my business systems, I interviewed franchise maven Kathleen Mundy.

What did I discover? That instead of creating my own business from scratch, I could have bought into a proven, successful business model … and avoided a lot of these headaches.

How? With a franchise.

Episode Highlights

Franchises are about way more than just flipping burgers. Listen in as Kathleen and I talk about:

  1. How franchises are a viable method to build a legacy
  2. Why you need a “CEO mindset” to build a team and make the tough decisions
  3. What financial literacy challenges business owners (women especially) face
  4. Top questions to ask to evaluate whether a franchise is solid … or snake oil


About Kathleen Mundy

From a successful real estate career, to unemployed single mother, to unsurpassed entrepreneur/business coach/mentor, Kathleen Mundy’s is a riches-to-rags-to-riches story.

Kathleen turned a small investment into a multi-million dollar business in just five years. She’s a business coach and CEO of Making Your Own Money™, a company committed to helping women (and really smart men) reach their full potential and independence in the entrepreneurial world and secure a better future. And, she is the co-author of Reading Between the Wines and the best-selling novel, Succeeding Against All Odds.

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