Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Business Part-Time

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Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Business Part-Time

Traci Bild explodes the myth that if you want to grow a multi-million dollar business, you have to do it 24/7. Faced with the choice of leaving her health care consulting company (Bild & Co.) to become a full-time mom or leaving her newborn daughter to continue the company, Traci chose BOTH.

In this interview, Traci Bild explains how she grew her company well into seven figures AND did on 24 hours a week so she had ample time to spend with her daughter.

Episode Highlights

  • The most important shifts that allow you to grow your business … part-time
  • How to identify the “game-changer” items that should be on your calendar
  • “What am I … Xerox?”—how to duplicate yourself
  • The process for training leaders in your company
  • The perils of abdicating when you get used to delegating
  • Getting your girl (and boy) back – it works for men too!

Traci Bild has spent two decades speaking to over 250,000 women in some of the most well-known organizations across the nation as well as building a multi-million dollar healthcare consulting firm of her own that landed on Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Companies list for 2013. The Get Your Girl Back movement has been featured in media from the Today Show to Sunrise Australia to print magazines such as Real Simple, Parents and Success magazines. Traci is determined to help women (and men) learn to put themselves on the list and create a life that is balanced, fulfilling and truly happy.

Words of Wisdom

  • “She believed she could, so she did!” ~ Unknown

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