An Insider’s Guide to Operations Manuals

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Many entrepreneurs go into business for themselves looking for freedom. But it’s the systems and procedures in your business that give you that freedom. Do you know how to create consistent results? More importantly, how can you document your operations to share your knowledge of how to get things done?

Tune into this episode of Business Breakthrough where successful entrepreneur and renowned speaker Mike Veny “opens the kimono” for us and shares how he got on the journey to documenting his business systems … and the amazing benefits that resulted.   

An Insider’s Guide to Operations Manuals…BB065_Mike Veny full body

  • Free up your mental real estate. The more you keep in your head, the less room you have for important strategic thinking. So write down the “little jobs.” Sale scripts. Lead gen. Tasks that you can lather, rinse, repeat. Operations manuals give you a place to house your best practices so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you do them. 
  • Start with your “frustration list.” What bugs you most? Where do you need the most help? is it budgeting and financials? Marketing and social media? Begin identifying the areas that frustrate you. Or, that are important, but you keep forgetting. Those are great places to create systems–so that you solve the problems and relieve unnecessary stress.
  • Get in the groove. The more you work with your new systems, the better they’ll become. You’ll see quickly what’s missing, what you can fill in, and what you can start to do better–like deadlines and timelines. And checklists help you avoid dropping the ball while you’re racing around doing other things. It may take a while at first, but after a few weeks, you’ll see how much you accomplish in a matter of minutes.
  • Operations manuals reduce your team’s stress, too. How? They make sure everyone’s on the same page, and know what’s expected. It’s also easier to onboard new people–even though you’ll tweak your systems over time–than to bring them into the chaos of not having any documented systems. You can also see more clearly where you need additional help.

Still stumped about where to begin? Check out the sample process for creating a budget that Mike Veny provided (link below). You won’t want to miss his tips about scheduling “Freedom Time” so you can get started on this process.  Make sure you block out time to listen to Business Breakthrough!


Mike Veny is America’s leading mental health speaker, a high-energy interactive drumming facilitator, and proud member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). He delivers entertaining, engaging, and educational experiences to conferences and events throughout the world.

After suffering from a devastating mental health breakdown in August of 2011, Mike made the decision to use his speaking and drumming skills to serve others. As a person who painfully struggles with mental health challenges every day, he is committed to transforming the stigma surrounding mental health.

When he’s not speaking, he’s memorizing music, rehearsing, performing, and recording with a variety of artists. As a Member of the Board of Directors of The Fender Music Foundation & writer for Corporate Wellness Magazine, Mike enjoys helping others get the opportunity to experience music making. As a professional drummer, his sponsors include Gretsch Drums, Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Toca Percussion, Aquarian Drumheads, Gibraltar Hardware, Gator Cases, Crescent Cymbals and KickPort.


“Those who teach more, sell more.” Jay Baer




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