Keeping Information Overwhelm at Bay as Your Business Scales

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In a small business, it’s already easy to drown in the floods of information that get generated every day. Where is it? Who created it? And how can you find it as your business grows and scales?

In this week’s episode, professional organizer Stephanie Shalofsky shares key tips to creating information systems that help you avoid communication problems and legal liability issues, both now, and down the road.

Strategies from Stephanie Shalofsky…BB059_Stephanie Shalofsky

  • Create retention guidelines. It’s a fancy way of saying “this is the information we hold onto, how long we hold it, and where.” Define what to keep for both your digital trail and your paper trail.
  • Use legal and financial mentors to help design your guidelines. You’ll want an easy way to access important contracts, for example. That way, you can keep on top of your obligations … and keep tabs on your vendors and clients for theirs. That keeps your company out of hot water, and your customers out of collections.
  • Get feedback from the frontline. Find out what information your Customer Service team (for example) needs to handle complaints, or deal with difficult clients. Your method of organization may have worked when you were solo, but not be best as you grow. You want consistency throughout the company.
  • Don’t use your inbox as a to-do list. Small business owners receive (on average) 131 emails a day. If you do’t have a good process for managing information now, it will only get worse as you grow and scale. Prioritize with email folders. Assign them a space on your to-do list. But address them only when it works for you and your time.

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As a professional organizer in NYC, Stephanie Shalofsky is committed to transforming combat zones into comfort zones. Her company, The Organizing Zone, works with small companies from solopreneurs in home offices to those with up to 25 employees to gain control over their work environment resulting in improving productivity and profits. Stephanie brings to her work the discipline, professionalism and project management skills that come from corporate America, where she managed large teams and budgets of upwards of $2.5 million. Credentials include membership in the National Association of Professional Organizers and training as a Certified Productive Environment Specialist.


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