How can the latest PPP rule changes help YOU?

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I recently shared a couple of tools to stay grounded and balanced when facing events outside of our control. And it’s been a tumultuous few weeks and months, hasn’t it?

Thankfully, this past week finally included some good news for solo and small firm owners.

I know it’s hard to keep up … but once again, the Payroll Protection Program underwent a bunch of rule changes.

In this short video, I review 3 key areas the SBA updated regarding loan forgiveness:

They include:

  1. Extension of the loan forgiveness period and reporting deadline
  2. How you use the funds
  3. New deadline to restore employee head count and wages

There are some other areas as well that you’ll want to review with your professional advisors. Here’s a link to the most recent update of SBA’s FAQs regarding the PPP:

And if you need support to reinforce the good work you’re doing as a business owner, let’s set up a call.


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