This is what I’m seeing in the dark

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As you may know, I live and work on Park Avenue, in the heart of New York City. But right now, The City That Never Sleeps … has gone comatose.

So I do what I can each day, and then try to give myself a treat.

Like the other night, I was chowing down on a bag of cheese popcorn (yes, I’m a stress eater). Watching The Boy with Green Hair. It’s a 1948 film about a war orphan named Peter, who awakens one morning to find his hair turned green, and is ridiculed for it.

In one scene, Peter has just gone to live with his “Gramps.” Peter is afraid of the dark. As Gramps tucks him in, he consoles Peter by saying,

There’s nothing in the dark that wasn’t there when the light was on.

Think about that.

There’s nothing in the dark that wasn’t there when the light was on.

It would be easy to blame COVID-19 for the radio silence from clients, the aging receivables, the disorganization finding documents and files.

But those were also issues while times were good and “the light was on.” I just ignored them—or didn’t get around to them–because hey, I’m busy with even more clients coming in. Now that times are dark, I’m able to see the breakdown in my business systems much more clearly.

My 30-Day Chaos-Proof Your Business Challenge is helping me pinpoint those systems so I can retool and rethink. For example, I’ll be looking at:

  • How might I stay in better touch with clients so they know I have their back?
  • What safeguards can I put in place (maybe script talking points for myself?) to receive advance deposits before working on projects?
  • How can I better streamline the ways I organize data and files?

That’s what I’m seeing in the dark, so I can be on a stronger footing when the light returns.

How about you?

Reply to this email and let me know how I can be of support for you.

And if you’re interested in the 30-Day Challenge for yourself, here’s the link:

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