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Most people think of attorneys as a “necessary evil” (emphasis on “evil”), fluent only in legalese. But nationally recognized professional speaker Nina Kaufman explodes these myths.

Funny and approachable, yet practical and hard-hitting, she is adept at using compelling stories to teach the business and legal lessons every entrepreneur needs to know. Audiences benefit from her tips and tools they can immediately put into place to boost their business.

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“I see that this can and will save business owners YEARS of going down the wrong road.

Brava Nina!! Nina Kaufman just delivered amazing value-packed information that blew my socks off!!! I am certainly thinking differently and am implementing concepts that will make our business both more valuable and productive.”Eli Davidson
President, Davidson Partnership Group, Beverly Hills, CA

Are You Lazy Enough to be Successful? (Keynote)

You may have worked like a Tasmanian devil to get where you are. But now that you’ve reached a place of leadership you need to face three important facts: (1) You’re exhausted. (2) The pace is not sustainable. And (3) The skills that got you there cannot take you where you need to go. So what do you want your business to BE? And who do you need to BE to lead your business into its next phase?

The Solution to Small Business Self-Dependence (Keynote)

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn’t have to be trapped on the hamster wheel? What it would be like to have nights and weekends off? It’s something that many entrepreneurship courses don’t address. It’s something that many consultants don’t name until you’re already a multi-million dollar company and they are expensively trying to undo what it took you years to build. It’s this: how can your company make more money and create more value, more consistently, without your working any harder? That’s the Solution to Small Business Self-Dependence.

Creating Quantum Business Alliances (Workshop)

Want a quantum leap in your business? Consider the power of strategic partnerships. At our business climate undergoes a seismic shift from hierarchies to networks, there is massive power and connecting your products, your services, and your message to others who will direct the flow of customers and opportunities to you. But what kind of alliances make sense for your company? How do you find those with which you’ll have a real affinity and shared values? And when is right for your business?

How to Build Your Business to Cash Out Big (Workshop)

On the outside, you look successful. On the inside, though, your company is sucking the life-blood out of you. A nagging question haunts you: What’s next? You’ve been so busy climbing the mountain, you haven’t thought about what to do at the summit. Do you keep growing your company for its own sake? Is your business supporting the life you want to leave? If you took a step back or turned over the reins, would all fall apart? You may have scaled the mountain, but have you sufficiently scaled your business? Have you found a way to get yourself out of the way?

Speaking Venues

Nina has been a featured presenter for:

U.S. Small Business Administration
New York Times Small Business Summit
The 3% Conference
Enterprising Women Magazine Annual Conference
BlogHer Business Conference
National Association of Women Business Owners
Ellevate (f/k/a 85 Broads)
Office Depot Web Café
Coffee Break with Game-Changers (SAP) Radio
NYC Startup Conference
Levin Institute/Kauffman Foundation
NY XPO for Business
Women’s Success Summit

PA Business Tech Conference/Duquesne Univ. SBDC
Small Business Summit
NYC Business Solutions
NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Signature Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
#SmallBizChat with @SmallBizLady
BlogTalk Radio
Brand Reinvention Summit
The Women’s Congress
New York Public Library
WorldWIT National Conference