Building a Consulting Business to Sell

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Listen to the Episode Below: Karen Jackson is a prime example that—yes—you can build to sell a consulting business. But it takes a clear resolve to “begin with the end in mind.” In this interview, Karen Jackson explains the steps she took to create a scalable—and sellable—service business. Building a Consulting Business to Sell How … Read More

Why Women Business Owners Have Trouble Cashing Out

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Women are the fastest growing segment of business owners in the U.S. today, But they tend to have smaller companies, lower revenue and fewer employees … which makes scaling and cashing out more difficult for them. Why? To explore this, SAP Radio interviewed me, along with two other panelists, on their Game Changers Program highlighting … Read More

Succession Planning in a Hurry

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As seen in …   Kimberly Martinez faced a difficult decision. For lifestyle reasons, she had already chosen to live in Florida, away from the Cleveland, Ohio headquarters of her company, Bonitas International.  Now she had step back as not one, but two, parents concurrently fought their battles with cancer. How will the company function … Read More