The Many Models to Create a Kick-Ass Team

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Meagan and I were sitting in a fresh sleek café that opened near the Museum of Modern Art. Over a Sauvignon Blanc (mine) and an appletini (hers), Meagan gleefully shared she was officially “in transition.” She had resigned her job and was preparing to start her own business … when her non-compete ran out. To … Read More

Ask for Help to Scale Your Business

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I was driving north on Route 85 out of Atlanta, heading to the Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems (NAMS) conference last week. In the grey drizzle. During rush hour. Lured into complacency by the GPS, with its occasional squawks of: “One hundred meters, stay left.” Suddenly, a “fatal error” occurred. No, not with the car—with … Read More

The Long, Strange Trip That Is Scaling a Small Business

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Ever had songs you haven’t heard in ages suddenly plant themselves in your head from … who knows where? Today, it’s the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’” (odd—I was never a fan): Lately it occurs to me … what a long, strange trip it’s been. Why now? Maybe because it’s time for the big reveal. (See below!) … Read More

Yes, Virginia—You Can Scale a Service Business

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“Clever people and grocers weigh everything,” said Zorba the Greek.  So do service business owners when it comes to growing revenues.  “Do I want more?” they ask themselves. “Of course!  There’s the mortgage. The kids’ college fund. Mom’s medical expenses. And that bucket list trip to Tahiti!” Yet surely as the sun sets over Bora … Read More