"One of the best decisions I've made this year..."

"Nina Kaufman is my business muse! Joining her Beyond Solo Inner Circle program was one of the best business decisions I made this year. Her advice around transitioning from a solo service provider to a sustainable business is always actionable, insightful, empathetic, and on-point. She doesn’t pull any punches, but cuts straight to the heart of an issue with surgeon-like precision and thoughtfully guides you to a workable and practical solution. I love having Nina in my corner, and you will too."

Kelley Keller, Esq.  |  Founder & Managing Partner  | The Keller Law Firm


"Nina was a godsend for me and my business!"

"I was challenged with a desire to move my business in a new direction and all the fear that comes with going into the unknown.  Nina gave me the support and encouragement to “go for it!” Working with Nina I have been able to productize my business offerings, develop a marketing strategy and cultivate new business leads. Thanks to our work together, I have upgraded my financial management tools and am embarking on a redesign of my website and online presence. Nina taught how to be smarter with contracting and negotiating. I’ve developed more confidence as a business owner and have already seen an increase in revenue from our work.  Last but not least, Nina has a wonderful sense of humor so all of this was fun and engaging!"​​

Marian Rich  |  Executive Coach & Comic Educator

"Thank you so much for opening my eyes."

"Your analysis of my P&L by client was complete with regard to every detail. I would still be running around my own tail if it wasn't for your expertise and insights. I would highly advise any small business owner to have this full profitability audit of their business done (not by the government) ASAP. The conclusions are priceless and you are just a gem to work with. Thanks again Rockstar Nina"

Inbal Sakas   |  Founder & Owner  |  F.A.R. Experts Bookkeeping

"Nina makes the difference for entrepreneurs...."

"As a speaker, writer, podcaster, and more, she shares so that entrepreneurs can grow their business without being trapped by it. Hire Nina 1-on-1, get her to speak at your entrepreneurial event, or attend one of her webinars and you will take your business to the next level of profitability and freedom for you, the entrepreneur."

David J. Greer  |  Business Coach and Author Wind in your Sails

"This can and will save business owners YEARS of going down the wrong road."

"Brava Nina!! Nina Kaufman just delivered amazing value-packed information that blew my socks off!!! I am certainly thinking differently and am implementing concepts that will make our business both more valuable and productive.

Thank you Nina!!!"

Eli Davidson President Davidson Partnership Group

President  |  Virtual Assist USA

"My only regret? That I didn’t do this 4 years ago!"

“Prior to working with Nina, I was wrestling with the fear that if I stepped back from the business — by taking a vacation without WiFi access or simply taking off for the weekend — it could not run without me.

I have a team and systems, yet there was something missing. As a female entrepreneur, I needed to ensure that my business served me, too, in the long-run – by providing financial security. However, I was still concerned about the viability of the business without my 24/7 presence, so I was convinced my business would never be ready for sale or scale.

Nina taught me how to map out my strategy for growth build a platform for profitability simple ways to create more effective systems. Her laser-sharp focus and deep knowledge on creating leverage and systems is unmatched in the industry. The individual attention that I received from a business leader and visionary like Nina was certainly the most direct path to my future success in scaling – or eventually selling – my business. I’m empowered with the knowledge to take the next steps.”

"I sure know who I'll go to for help!"

“Thank you, Nina, for a stimulating program that got me thinking in new ways! You not only made me face the truth about my current business but also showed me how I could improve its value.

I’ve got lots to ponder, but I sure know who I’ll go to for help! (Plus, awesome workbook!)”​

Linda Cobb  |  President The Coaching Company

"Just what creative entrepreneurs are looking for."

"One would be hard pressed to find an expert with even some of the qualities that Nina Kaufman brings to the table — a razor-sharp intellect, a unique comedic gift, a generous spirit, and the insight to know just what creative entrepreneurs are looking for."

Benjamin Wolff   |  Speaker, Cellist, Forbes Contributor & Former Professor of Music   |  Hofstra University

​Founder|  Hidden Profit Academy

"Nina is a consummate professional."

"Few business advisors have the ability to make risk management for business engaging and compelling. Nina manages to make even the most dry topic interesting.

She is the trusted advisor to hundreds of small businesses across industries and knows the challenges of partnerships from the inside. She presents the landmines and solutions with a hilarious wit that is a welcome departure from her boring peers.

Nina is also an internet veteran. Her first-hand experience in building an on-line presence is invaluable to those of us still groping in the dark. Any opportunity you have to hear Nina Kaufman speak, drop what you’re doing. Her knowledge and integrity are second to none."


"Nina would be an asset to any business."

"Nina did an amazing job presenting her breakout session at the Enterprising Women annual awards conference. She absolutely nailed the benefits of scaling your company by using strategic alliances. Nina was engaging, insightful, and on-target. She’s a strategic advisor who clearly enjoys her work (and knows her stuff) and encourages entrepreneurs to do the same. She really gets the WHY and the WHAT of helping service companies scale so that owners can build a sustainable business that supports the life they want to lead. She’d be an asset to any business … and any small business conference."​​​

Anna Pappas   Sr. Strategic Client Advisor  |  Bluewolf (IBM)

Career & Workplace Development Strategist

"The answer is simple: Nina Kaufman. Esq."

"At least once a decade, I get an itch and feel a strong need to evaluate my successful career coaching business. I seriously consider ways I might tinker with it. You might wonder who a career coach with 30+ years’ experience seeks out for a thoughtful, vulnerable, and close-to-the-bone brainstorming session -- the answer is simple: Nina Kaufman. Esq.

Nina and I have known each other for many years – back when we both practiced law. I knew Nina to be a strong advocate, smart, knowledgeable, and a practical attorney who gave her clients excellent employment law advice. Over the years, as Nina’s business migrated to providing business advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs, I happily began referring clients to her so they could benefit from her valuable and insightful business advice.

Without reservation, it is my pleasure to endorse Nina Kaufman to you if you are hoping to find a wonderful, competent champion to help you sort out the complex issues involved in building your dream business."