Satisfied Clients

“Prior to working with Nina, I was wrestling with the fear that if I stepped back from the business — by taking a vacation without WiFi access or simply taking off for the weekend — it could not run without me.

I have a team and systems, yet there was something missing. As a female entrepreneur, I needed to ensure that my business served me, too, in the long-run – by providing financial security. However, I was still concerned about the viability of the business without my 24/7 presence, so I was convinced my business would never be ready for sale or scale.

Nina taught me how to map out my strategy for growth build a platform for profitability simple ways to create more effective systems. Her laser-sharp focus and deep knowledge on creating leverage and systems is unmatched in the industry. The individual attention that I received from a business leader and visionary like Nina was certainly the most direct path to my future success in scaling – or eventually selling – my business. I’m empowered with the knowledge to take the next steps.. My only regret? That I didn’t do this 4 years ago!”

“I see that this can and will save business owners YEARS of going down the wrong road.

Brava Nina!! Nina Kaufman just delivered amazing value-packed information that blew my socks off!!! I am certainly thinking differently and am implementing concepts that will make our business both more valuable and productive.

Thank you Nina!!!”

“Thank you, Nina, for a stimulating program that got me thinking in new ways! You not only made me face the truth about my current business but also showed me how I could improve its value.

I’ve got lots to ponder, but I sure know who I’ll go to for help! (Plus, awesome workbook!)”