The #1 Reason Clients Hire You

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One of the significant challenges for growing and scaling a service business is attracting–and gaining traction with–clients.  Are you leading your sales efforts (and your team) with confidence … or “a case of the Mondays”? How do you transform that begrudging “have-to” attitude into an engaging “get-to”?

In this episode, Dr. David Kaplowitz explores how the enthusiasm and authenticity you generate directly relates to your ability (and your team’s) to make the connections you need for your business. A low-energy outlook–even when you don’t meant it (or want it)–can kill the mood at a networking event, ruin a relationship with a client, even make you start hating the very business you started!

The #1 Reason Clients Hire You

  • The #1 reason people buy from you (especially when you’re selling intangible services)—and how that affects your effectiveness
  • Where business owners get stuck in the rut of putting out fires and “low-energy leadership”
  • Why “alpha politicians” are often an example of lower-energy leadership
  • How to make better choices by design, not default
  • Mastering client retention—how energy leadership keeps clients and employees engaged so that you can grow more effectively
Dr. David Kaplowitz knows how to make a comeback. He opened his Chiropractic Center in the late 1970s, hosting a weekly call-in radio show for years, and lecturing internationally for Chiropractic management groups. But in the early 1990s, all that changed. The introduction of managed care insurance programs cut his practice in half. David said, “I felt like I was on a treadmill, working longer hours to get paid less, and having less time for family and friends.”
He switched gears and built a large distribution channel for a vitamin supplement company. In a short time, his organization stretched around the world, and replacing his chiropractic income so he could retire from private practice. That led to David’s career in Coaching, helping clients to develop the leadership skills, habits, and behaviors that make living a sustained life at the top possible.
Words of Wisdom
  • “High-level leaders are efficiently effective!” ~ Dr. David Kaplowitz
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