The Long, Strange Trip That Is Scaling a Small Business

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Ever had songs you haven’t heard in ages suddenly plant themselves in your head from … who knows where?

Today, it’s the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’” (odd—I was never a fan): Lately it occurs to me … what a long, strange trip it’s been.

Why now? Maybe because it’s time for the big reveal. (See below!) Time to leave the cocoon. Time to share what I’ve learned from the partnership that imploded. The business worth not much more than a hole in a doughnut. The $40,000 in credit line debt I had to paid off single-handedly. The years of wrestling with “What’s next?” The new mission, and renewed determination. The frustrations of shaping and molding what seemed like a scary, ugly idea into something with promise.

Why the drawn-out journey? Because I realized after 15 years that law wasn’t everything. It’s like looking at a skeleton and saying “that’s the entire body.” It’s not. (You know that.) Important, yes. Vital, even. But not the totality. And likewise, my singular focus on law wasn’t an urgent entrepreneurial problem. What is? It’s that business owners like you (and me!) have been stuck, pulling our hair out because we’re trying to grow … but not necessarily in a way that scales and lets us get our life back. Law, legal issues—are just one piece of that bigger puzzle.

So, like a long cross-country trip, let’s stop, take a look at the landscape, and celebrate the adventure!

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