Can the Martha Stewart Model Work for Your Business?

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Jane Applegate

With her award-winning background in film, TV, video, and web production, Jane Applegate has seen the exponential value in creating content that can be used in multiple formats. In this interview, we explore why small business owners don’t ask for help in reaching beyond their capacity … and what it takes to create a “Martha Stewart Model” for your business.

Episode Highlights

  • Why small business owners are like plate spinners in the circus
  • How to look big when you’re small
  • The #1 small business marketing tool
  • What is “The Martha Stewart Model” (–and no, we don’t mean go to jail), and what needs to be in place for your business to expand this way

Jane Applegate is one of America’s most respected small business experts. She’s the author of four books on small business success, including 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business. She’s also a producer of television shows, marketing videos and independent films through her creative collaborative, The Applegate Group. Jane is passionate about telling stories and works with business owners all over the country, helping them tell their stories via video and original web content as a way of attracting new business.

Words of Wisdom

  • “Never work with anyone who gives you a headache or a stomach ache.” ~ Jane Applegate

Learn more about Jane Applegate

  • @applegategroup

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