Why Women Business Owners Have Trouble Cashing Out

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Women are the fastest growing segment of business owners in the U.S. today, But they tend to have smaller companies, lower revenue and fewer employees … which makes scaling and cashing out more difficult for them. Why?

To explore this, SAP Radio interviewed me, along with two other panelists, on their Game Changers Program highlighting Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women.

Together, the three of us delved into the key factors holding back women entrepreneurs – and what to do about it. Called “insights you don’t want to miss”, we dished on the strategies that women can use to start – or expand – their own businesses. The best practices that we share on this program will keep women (and men!) moving, shaking and thinking along with the best.

I was joined by Jane Wesman, one of the country’s foremost experts on book publicity and marketing, and Sandi Webster, founder of a women-owned, management consulting firm that provides marketing and analytics consultants to Fortune 500 companies in financial services.

You can listen to the Game Changers episode below.

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