Putting the Brakes on Business Growth

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Listen to the Episode Below: I’m sure you’ve never been told as a business owner to deliberately hold back your growth, but it can be the wisest move you make. Natalie MacNeil, the Emmy award winning media entrepreneur, will vouch for it. Natalie encountered the limits of “growth for growth’s sake,” and took a step … Read More

Can Your Business Run from Anywhere?

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Listen to the Episode Below: As Michelle Villalobos tells it, she “completely uprooted her life, got rid of most of her belongings, put the rest in storage, and hit the road ….” You might expect everything to have fallen to pieces—but the exact opposite happened. Her business grew (and scaled)! In this interview, we explore … Read More

Automation = Simplifying Your Life

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Listen to the Episode Below: Ramon Ray has built his career on educating emerging entrepreneurs with information on how to strategically use technology as a tool for growth. In this interview, we explore how to you can get out of the low-level tasks that suck your time and energy, and make smart tech choices that … Read More

Building a Sellable Business: Part 5 of 5

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Is it possible to use leverage to sell your business? It certainly is—if you know what you’re doing. Leverage is all about getting good, strong positive results that aren’t dependent completely on you, as the business owner. Recently, I sat down with Matt Inglot of Freelance Transformation for an interview on his podcast to discuss … Read More

Rebuilding from the Abyss

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Listen to the Episode Below: Could your business bounce back from the abyss? If a recession whittled your business down to its last employee, would you fold your tent or learn the lessons and rebuild? In this episode, entrepreneur Neil Kristianson shares the harsh realities he faced when the 2008 recession decimated his home remodeling business … Read More

An Insider’s Guide to Operations Manuals

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Listen to the Episode Below: Many entrepreneurs go into business for themselves looking for freedom. But it’s the systems and procedures in your business that give you that freedom. Do you know how to create consistent results? More importantly, how can you document your operations to share your knowledge of how to get things done? Tune … Read More