Scaling Starts with a Rewarding Experience, with Elaine Starling

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Owning your own business means understanding what drives your revenue, not just the revenue itself. And in order to drive your revenue and put it on auto-pilot, you need to create rewarding experiences that define your business for yourself and your clients.  Elaine Starling is on today’s episode to tell you exactly how to generate a rewarding experience for each and every one of your clients.

I know Elaine from the advisory board of Enterprising Women magazine, but she’s also the Chief Innovation Officer of Starling Media Services, her boutique marketing firm, where she helps women entrepreneurs create leadership legacies and successful businesses. Her insights on today’s episode will help you build a strong foundation with your clients that will create a ripple effect of mutually beneficial relationships. Tune in now to hear how you can generate the rewarding experiences your clients need–and how they in turn will generate the recurring revenue you want.BB052 Elaine Starling 1

Episode Highlights:

  • Where entrepreneurs get the revenue-generation sequence backwards
  • How you can design a “rewarding experience” for your clients
  • Once designed, what are the steps to systematize it?
  • “What you measure matters—and what matters is what you should measure.” What aspects of the “rewarding experience” can and should business owners measure—and how?


Elaine Starling is the author of “Why 5% Succeed: The 5 Principles of Predictable Profit.” An acknowledged thought leader and marketing master, Elaine has generated over $100 million for her clients by creating innovative programs that increase participation, process improvement, positioning and profit.  

She is a sought-after speaker, consultant, columnist, and mentor.  As the Chief Innovation Officer of boutique marketing firm, Starling Media Services, Inc., Elaine helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs become Legacy Leaders; women who communicate effectively to make a lasting difference in the world, increase their profits, and enjoy highly-successful and fulfilling businesses.  

Elaine serves on the Board of Directors for Women Impacting Public Policy, a bi-partisan organization representing 70 professional women’s organizations and over 8.3 million women business owners.  Elaine also serves on the Advisory Board for Enterprising Women, an organization supporting over 400,000 women around the world who own businesses earning $1 million or more.

Favorite Quote:

  • “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “If you can see it, you can BE it.” ~ Elaine Starling

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