Lather. Rinse. Repeat (Revenue).

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“You see this here doughnut? What you got is the hole.”  I’ll never forget that sinking feeling when a business valuation expert told me that about my company. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned. Humiliated. 12 years of building my law firm—all that blood, sweat, and treasure—and I have nothing to show for it … Read More

Putting the Brakes on Business Growth

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Listen to the Episode Below: I’m sure you’ve never been told as a business owner to deliberately hold back your growth, but it can be the wisest move you make. Natalie MacNeil, the Emmy award winning media entrepreneur, will vouch for it. Natalie encountered the limits of “growth for growth’s sake,” and took a step … Read More

Convert Your Conversations into Clients

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Listen to the Episode Below:  How do you and your employees describe your company? Are you losing clients with boring jargon? Do you sound like everyone else in your industry? How can you use verbal branding to increase your impact and influence with referral sources? In this episode, sales and presentation trainer Rochelle Lisner share … Read More

How to Scale Your Marketing to Leverage Time and Effort

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Listen to the Episode Below:  Getting a steady stream of prospects to know, like, and trust you can be a challenge. There’s accuracy—does your messaging speak your clients’ language? There’s consistency—are you perceived as having staying power? And there’s frequency—do people see your company often enough to stay top of mind? On this episode, digital … Read More