How to run a successful business

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I was sitting with my client Miriam over cocktails, a couple of weeks ago. She was having challenges growing her corporate training business and we were coming up with a game plan. (Sometimes, wine helps). Out of frustration she asked, What’s the secret? If there’s one thing—one magic bullet to running a successful business—what do … Read More

Top tips in creating a flexible work environment

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Recent findings by Adobe indicate that 55 million—or 35% of the total U.S. workforce—are choosing to freelance. To be part of the “gig” economy. Also, many U.S. workers now consider work/life balance and flexibility to be the most important factors in considering job offers. According to a 2013 PriceWaterhouse Coopers study, 64% percent of Millennials … Read More

Is Your Business “Flexible”?

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As seen in Enterprising Women Magazine How to Welcome Flexible Work Arrangements into Your Company There are many reasons people seek location flexibility for work. But for those who equate “workplace” with a brick-and-mortar office where physical presence provides accountability, the new trend toward “location independence” can be a challenge. Recent findings by Adobe indicate … Read More

Is Your Business Financially Honest?

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Listen to the Episode Below:  You may not be cheating customers, but are you cheating yourself? Are you relying on credit lines and credits cards to keep your business afloat? Does everyone get paid except you? In this episode, financial advisor Michelle McKinnon talks about why pumping every last dollar back into your business can … Read More

Does Your Business Have a Safety Net?

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Listen to the Episode Below:  What I love about entrepreneurs is that they feel invincible. Heart attacks? Stroke? Car accident? That’ll happen to someone else. Until that “someone else” is you. Is your business prepared? In this episode, Erin Ardleigh, founder and president of Dynama Insurance, shares her insights on the insurance gaps that can … Read More